Teltonika: medical ventilators due in May

Apr 2, 2020
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The original article was written by Rima Rutkauskaitė and published on VZ.LT 

On 25 March, UAB Teltonika, that provides telecommunications solutions, started implementing an ambitious project and expects to launch production of medical ventilators in May. This device should be less expensive than equivalent imports.

“So far, everything is running smoothly, and we hope the production of the prototypes will start in May. If the tests are successful, we will be able to produce larger quantities of such products in June or at the latest in July,” Antanas Šegžda, Director of Teltonika, said.

According to Šegžda, although the number of potentially dangerous patients who will need ventilators may not be large or the Lithuanian healthcare facilities may have a sufficient amount of such devices, we should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst-case scenario.
Šegžda told that they realised how difficult it was to purchase these devices. Some producers have more orders than their capacity allows them to produce, while others deliver exclusively for several countries without the right to sell to other countries such as Lithuania.

“No one, probably, will look after our health better than we. We are doing everything we can. We are particularly grateful to people and companies that have agreed to help or help in designing the device,” Šegžda said.

Teltonika works in collaboration with the US company Medtronic, that helps to map the testing schedule for the device, shares the ventilator design specifications and allows to analyse crucial electronic chains.

Once all the information is gathered, the components will change accordingly to the capacity of suppliers. When the list of suppliers becomes transparent, electronic schemes will be able to control the operation of the ventilator.

Available to all healthcare facilities

Julius Švagždys, Corporate Marketing Manager of Teltonika, points out that at present, the prototype is not available. The focus is to adapt professional ventilation device to the existing infrastructure of healthcare facilities. Development and manufacture of such equipment is not a fast process, and it requires not only a large team but also specific knowledge and solutions to ensure its effective operation.

“We are getting advice from medical practitioners who have specified what ventilators are required to save lives. We plan to produce a prototype only after completing important design steps,” Švagždys explained.

The company has formed a team of over 30 experienced employees and cooperates with local and foreign companies that will supply certified components suitable for medical devices.

According to Švagždys, the company aims to develop and launch the mass production of ventilators that would be available to all healthcare facilities. If the current situation with COVID-19 does not lead to a price distortion by suppliers, the device should be less expensive than the equivalent imports.

“We have started this initiative with our core value of helping people at the heart of our business. So we are doing everything we can that the device would reach people in due time,” Švagždys noted.

In 2019, Teltonika, a company controlled by Arvydas Paukštys, achieved sales revenue of EUR 79.2 million and earned a net profit of EUR 11.04 million. With its transport management solutions and routers, the company in Vilnius accounts for 2–5% of the world market.

Read the original article on “Verslo Žinios”. 

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