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$150 million Lithuanian start-up enjoying benefits of Vilnius’ competitive office prices

December 14, 2015

Vinted, the clothing exchange and sale platform, is going from strength to strength. Now valued at $150 million, the Lithuanian start-up has attracted over $60 million in investment. Most recently, the Vilnius-based firm received a $27 million cash injection from two venture capital firms and Gubert Burda Media, one of Germany’s biggest media companies.

With such a buzz being generated, you might expect Vinted to follow the trend of most tech-based start-ups and head to Silicon Valley or London. Instead, the company prefer Vilnius, with its highly cost-competitive office prices, allowing them to create an ideal working environment for their growing team.

Vinted HQ is located in an industrial building in Žirmūnai, a residential area of Vilnius. And as company COO Mantas Mikuckas explained, their spacious, stylish office is the envy of their peers in London or San Francisco.

“We are delighted that there are some buildings which were factories in the past, and now these are very spacious areas which can hold a lot of people,” Mr Mikuckas explained. “Our colleagues who come here from London or San Francisco envy the fact that we can afford such comfort; we have a huge area to person ratio, and enjoy a lot of room. We have enough space, and we are confident that it will suffice in the future, especially as office prices in other locations of the capital city are increasing.”

Vinted also has offices in the USA, Czech Republic, Poland, France and Germany, and employs 240 people.

See their spacious office for yourself by following this link.

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