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Bentley Systems to open second office in Lithuania

April 30, 2015

Bentley Systems, a global software supplier that opened its first office in Lithuania ten years ago, is expanding and opening a new office in Kaunas. The opening ceremony for the office, held in the centre of the historical temporary capital, was attended by Evaldas Gustas, Minister of Economy; Visvaldas Matijosaitis, the mayor of the city; Danukas Arlauskas, director of the Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation; and other officials and members of academic community.

The company aims at employing over 50 of the best software specialists from Kaunas and the surrounding areas at its new office. Ideally, the candidates should be skilled software professionals having strong analytical skills and passion for learning as well as pursuing career opportunities.

[quote text=”The number of its employees in Vilnius has increased 15% annually, and the decision to open a new division in Kaunas shows that the city has huge potential and can guarantee successful business development” name_surname=”Visvaldas Matijošaitis” description=”Mayor of Kaunas”]

According to, Bentley Systems Human Resources Manager for Eastern Europe, the human resources team is now accepting job applications from those wishing to work for Bentley Systems. As many as ten software specialists have already joined the team in Kaunas.

“We are providing the opportunity to software development specialists in Lithuania to contribute to the birth of the most impressive infrastructure projects —buildings, roads, bridges, oil platforms, airports, etc. — on a worldwide scale. Our employees will not complain about monotony at work, as they will have to solve extraordinary technical problems and look for non-standard solutions. When asked about the things they like in this company most, the employees first mention the aspect of interesting work. There are hardly any other companies in Lithuania where programmers can develop products of such extent and complexity,” the company representative said.

Bentley Systems is a leading company providing modern software solutions in the fields of design, construction and the environment. Its innovations improve the quality of life of communities all over the world.

Congratulating Bentley Systems on the opening of the new unit, Economy Minister Evaldas Gustas emphasised that the Ministry of Economy supports such companies in every way possible: “I can assure you that the Lithuanian public sector is open to cooperation and supports the operation of Bentley Systems and the initiatives of cooperation between business and science. It is only cooperation that can assure smooth and sustainable growth of the sector and the entrenchment of Lithuania in the region as the leader in the technology industry.”

The Minister of Economy also noted that in Central and Eastern Europe Lithuania distinguishes itself for its high added-value design and product development projects. According to data provided by Invest Lithuania, projects of this kind account for less than one-tenth of all foreign investment projects in the region, but more than a quarter, i.e. 27%, of all investment projects in Lithuania.

According to the Minister of Economy, Bentley Systems is a perfect example: operating in Lithuania for more than a decade, the company is successfully developing, demonstrating not only the trust of investors in the business environment in Lithuania, but also the supply of talent. Such companies promote the awareness of the name of Lithuania globally: “Bentley Systems is undoubtedly the leader in this sphere on an international scale, and one of the most important centres of the company is established in Lithuania,” the minister said.

In the opinion of Mr Matijošaitis, the mayor of Kaunas, the decision of the company to establish an office in Kaunas signals that investors see the advantages of the city.

“The decision to open a new division in Kaunas shows that our city has huge potential and that the talent living here can guarantee successful business development,” the new mayor of Kaunas said.

With the growth of Bentley in our region, the company has continued making significant investments in Lithuania. The number of its employees in Vilnius has increased 15% annually, and employee turnover stands at only about 2%. Seven of the eight employees that started to work at Bentley from the very beginning are still working for the company. The Vilnius office now has 170 employees.

An employee survey conducted at the beginning of the year revealed that most of those working here appreciate the nature of the work, the appropriate balance between work and personal life, the fair salary, and the career, study and improvement opportunities. Additionally, employees almost unanimously said that they would recommend Bentley Systems to others as an excellent employer. This was once more supported by the fact that 39% of the employees who joined the company in 2014 came at the recommendation of a current worker. The employees also stated that they appreciate their relationship with their co-workers, as well as the values of the company and its culture.

Bentley Systems not only develops innovative software and provides related services to companies and professionals designing, building and supervising global infrastructure, but also continuously supports young people who choose fields of study related to the creation and maintenance of infrastructure. The company encourages young people to study engineering and related specialities and helps those who are already preparing for a career in this field by devoting the time of its employees and its engineering software and providing STEM scholarships and other financial support to science and research institutions. The company also cooperates with the gymnasium of Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Lyceum, the National Academy of Students, and the organisers of the Lithuanian Olympiad in Informatics.

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