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Cybersecurity provider HWG to establish a security operations center in Vilnius

August 24, 2021

HWG, an Italian cybersecurity services provider, has announced plans to open a security operations centre in Vilnius this year. The company expects to hire around 20 cybersecurity analysts to work with clients around the world.

Founded in 2008, HWG started out by providing managed security services, focusing on advanced monitoring of network infrastructure. Soon branching out to mission critical application monitoring, HWG began building their first Security Operations Center (SOC) in 2011.

“Security Operations Centers are essential for continuous cyber threat monitoring and analysis as well as for prevention and mitigation of cybersecurity incidents,” explains Stefano Brusaferro, CEO at HWG Cyber Security Nordics. “We built our first SOC using our founder’s extensive experience in the cybersecurity field, but we also had to learn very fast. Developing cybersecurity competencies takes time, and HWG has made major improvements over the years. After creating our first SOC in Italy, we soon started working with clients abroad, particularly with central banks”.

HWG provides 24/7 proactive security monitoring and incident response services to companies in more than 20 countries around the world. In order to do so, it operates SOC services in Verona, Dubai, and Singapore. And from September, Vilius will be added to this list.

“Our customers are big and mid-sized corporates and institutions operating in a variety of industries: banking and finance, fashion, manufacturing, automotive, utilities, telecommunications and government services,” Brusaferro says. “By opening a SOC in Lithuania, we are looking to extend the capabilities of our Italian team and offer comprehensive security monitoring for more clients.”

HWG chose Lithuania ahead of a number of important countries in Europe and outside for its new SOC. One key factor in HGW’s decision was the availability of high-level cybersecurity talent in Lithuania. The country’s friendly business environment, coupled with possibilities for cooperation with local universities and existing industry expertise were also decisive.

The company’s expansion plans do not end with the new base in Lithuania. “Establishing a SOC in Vilnius and boosting our capabilities constitutes the first phase of our expansion project”, Brusaferro explains. “The second phase involves expanding our commercial presence in the region – the Baltics and the Nordics, Belarus, Poland, and other surrounding countries.”

HWG currently employs over 60 cybersecurity senior analysts and expects to hire another 20-25 specialists for the new SOC in Vilnius, including security analysts, security architects and consultants.

“Continuing threats to data and computer infrastructure will only increase the importance of cybersecurity across all industries,” says Vida Staskonienė acting Director of business development at Invest Lithuania. “Lithuania offers fast, reliable digital infrastructure and a strong pipeline of dedicated IT specialists, which will undoubtedly serve HWG in building effective security processes for their clients.”

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