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Leading US medical technology company Dexcom to employ 400 people in Lithuania by 2023

August 26, 2021

Dexcom, a US medical technology company that established a business services center in Vilnius at the end of 2020, will recruit nearly 200 professionals this year. The technology leader in continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes also plans to expand the team to 400 employees by 2023. Most employees will join the product’s technical support, maintenance, quality and finance teams.

Dexcom’s HR manager Rūta Ivanauskienė notes that although a shortage of certain specialists can be seen in the global labour market, there is an interesting trend among potential employees. According to her, they are hesitant to accept an offer without finding out whether their position will provide not only stability but also meaning.

“In the past, fringe benefits such as health insurance, financial bonuses, events, days off and, of course, a competitive salary helped to attract employees, but now that is expected of every employer. Today, when people come to a job interview, they usually ask what our mission is. It shows that the candidates are looking for a sense of purpose in their workplace. This aspect is becoming more and more important and determines the choice the potential employees make”, she says.

According to Mrs Ivanauskienė, Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitors save countless lives of people that have diabetes. The company’s experts continuously help the product’s users who face various challenges caused by the disease every day, and they also fulfil the vital mission of enabling people to control their diabetes and live a rewarding life. That is why the company focuses on empathetic and attentive professionals when interviewing candidates, as this is the only way Dexcom can fully understand and meet its customers’ needs.

Based in Vilnius, Dexcom’s primary business operations and customer service center will provide services to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company will recruit most employees to the technical support, product maintenance, quality and finance teams. Also, the near-term plans include the growth of project management, robotic process automation and HR teams.

Recruitment without geographical boundaries

As stated by Mrs Ivanauskienė, there is currently a severe shortage of employees both in Lithuania and worldwide. And while the pandemic has significantly altered established recruitment processes, it has also brought mutual benefits for employers and candidates because the company recruits new colleagues despite geographical borders.

“Global acceptance of working remotely has reduced the relevance of location and removed many boundaries that were restricting the recruitment of candidates. That is why we are hiring new team members all over Lithuania, offering them remote or hybrid work. And even though we prioritize local talent, we are also looking for specialists abroad and are inviting them to move here,” says Dexcom’s HR Manager.

Lithuania was chosen for its professional talent pool

Speaking about the company’s choice to locate in Lithuania, Dexcom’s HR manager highlights the wide selection of professionals, the developed life sciences sector, and further expansion opportunities.

“Dexcom is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and expand into new markets to increase the availability of our services to existing and potential clients. Therefore, we have chosen to locate our service center in the capital city of Lithuania, which has distinguished itself by its favourable conditions for business development and its highly competent professionals. The latter is crucial for our future team growth because this year alone we plan to recruit 200 specialists”, says R. Ivanauskienė.

Dexcom is currently based in Vilnius, Business Stadium North business office building. At the beginning of 2022, the company will move to Business Stadium North East, a 6,000-square-metre business center which is being built on the territory of the former Žalgiris Stadium. The company previously announced that the office lease signed in March was the largest in the Baltics during 2021.

About Dexcom:

Founded in 1999, Dexcom develops and distributes diabetes monitoring and control solutions worldwide. The company’s branches located all over the world employed a total of 3,900 professionals in 2020. Dexcom had a turnover of almost 1.93 billion USD.

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