Investment climate
Investment climate

Electricity Installed Even Faster

August 03, 2015

This year it is faster and simpler to have power installed. Compared to the previous year, the time taken for a business to be connected to the power distribution network has decreased by ten days. This can be seen from the data of the first half-year of the power distribution company LESTO.

The best example is the shopping centre being built next to Ikea in Vilnius. The connection of the centre to the power distribution network took almost three months less than provided for in the contract. The project involved building a 10-kV distribution post and laying underground power lines.

[quote text=”We have calculated that more effective solutions helped us save, on average, almost three weeks of each client’s time in a year.” name_surname=”Aidas Ignatavičius” description=”General manager of LESTO” left=””]

“We always set our specialists the goal of carrying out power installation works in a shorter period than provided for in the terms and conditions and contract. Being able to shorten the power installation procedure is also determined by the optimal technical solutions that we and our contractors choose. We have calculated that more effective solutions helped us save, on average, almost three weeks of each client’s time in a year. For instance, in 2011, it took an average of sixty-five days to connect business clients to the power network,” Aidas Ignatavičius, general manager of LESTO, said.

Presently, business clients are connected to the power distribution system within forty-five calendar days on average, and private clients within forty-seven calendar days. In cases where no preparatory project is needed, power is installed within about sixteen days on average instead of twenty-three. This half-year the issue of terms and conditions for power connection has become three times faster. It now takes two calendar days on average compared to six days last year.

According to the LESTO manager, the time needed for power installation is important not only to residents and businesses, but also for the image of the country, as the speed of power installation is an important criterion in the assessment of Lithuania’s attractiveness in the eyes of foreign investors.


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