Swiss Fintech wallee Expands Presence in Lithuania, Tapping into a Rich Pool of Talent

December 13, 2023

Swiss payment service provider wallee is reinforcing its presence in Lithuania and currently expanding its team in Vilnius. According to the company’s management, the expansion will primarily focus on roles related to software engineering and technical expertise, representing a well-calculated move to tap into Lithuania’s wealth of talent.

wallee, whose mission is the creation and development of sophisticated payment processing products and services, currently employs 140 professionals in different locations. The long-term plan for the Lithuanian office, which currently focuses primarily on software development, is to continue expanding its team of professionals. The company, which hired its first local employees in 2022, aims to grow the Vilnius team to 20 highly qualified specialists.

Thomas Hunziker, the wallee CIO and co-founder, says that the company is currently consolidating and enhancing its existing operations while at the same time maintaining flexibility to adapt to emerging opportunities and business needs.

Establishing an office in Vilnius was a well-calculated move aimed at tapping into the wealth of talent that Lithuania has to offer. The country’s conducive environment and a rich pool of skilled developers made it an easy choice. We would like to emphasize the considerable success we have had with talents from Vilnius. They immediately contributed to our dynamic team, making the decision to fortify our presence in Lithuania self-evident.
Thomas Hunziker, the wallee CIO and co-founder

wallee, with offices in Winterthur, Hamburg and Warsaw, caters to businesses operating across multiple channels, such as e-commerce platforms, physical retail stores, and vending machines. The Vilnius team is expected to act as an indispensable hub for innovation and talent, tasked with furthering the platform’s technological capabilities and ensuring its operational efficacy.

Elijus Čivilis, General Manager at Invest Lithuania, states that the wallee expansion is proof that Lithuania can rightly claim to have world-class software engineers capable of competing in the modern world market. Also, it shows that the Lithuanian fintech industry, which has experienced significant growth in recent years, has entered a maturity phase.

We are very proud that the local talent profoundly resonated with the wallee vision. The expertise of Lithuanian software engineers significantly propelled the company’s trajectory of innovation. At the same time, the fintech companies such as wallee, which choose to create and develop products in Lithuania, contribute to the development of our sustainable fintech ecosystem.
Elijus Čivilis, General Manager at Invest Lithuania
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