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State of the art lense production facility opens near Vilnius

February 24, 2015

The route from Lithuania’s capital Vilnius to Trakai, the country’s picturesque historic centre, is already dotted with high-tech production units that have sprung up along the road. Joining them is a state of the art facility that will produce up to 4,000 spectacle lenses every day.

More than 4.2 million euros have been invested in the brand new plant in Guopstos Village, Trakai District, belonging to UAB BRD. The company, which is part of the BOD Group has installed a Schneider production line to produce optical lenses. It is one of only 3 such lines in the world; the other two are in the USA (Sacramento) and Hong Kong.

The company is aiming to sell 15% of its products in Lithuania, and up to 10% in the Baltic States. Currently the plant has almost 20 employees, with 40 new positions expected in the near future. Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius, who visited the plant during the opening ceremony, expressed his delight at the strength of BOD Group as a company and its ability to compete in markets beyond Europe.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the Groups high-tech credentials, noting that “the company implements state-of-the-art technologies in Western and Eastern European countries.”

Chairman of the management board of Global BOD Group Vidmantas Janulevičius compared the opening of the new plant to the effect of standing on a third leg.

“Everyone knows how important this is for the stability of companies,” he said. Mr Janulevičius recalled that BOD Group started by producing optical discs, then entered the solar energetics field, before moving into optical lenses, the third key stage in the company’s development.

The company has plans to export 85% of the spectacle lenses it produces with Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Germany, and Poland representing the largest export destinations. In addition, there are ongoing discussions with partners in Belarus.

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