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Belarus-based IT company Godel Technologies chooses Vilnius for its development

December 17, 2020

In search of new countries for development, Godel Technologies, a 18-year-old UK information technology company based in Minsk, Belarus, has approached Invest Lithuania. Within a few months of reconciling all investor needs, it has been decided to open an office in Vilnius in the business center 135 in Žalgirio street.

Godel Technologies, which has 6 development centres across Belarus, starting from 2002 and has been growing rapidly in recent years, has decided to expand to countries near Belarus this year. All divisions of the company currently employs over 1,200 people to develop unique software for customers across Europe.

“Belarus has, and will continue to be our primary development location. However, to enable Godel to continue scaling to the same level of quality that our clients have come to expect we have decided on four new geographical locations. Eastern Europe is home to many of Europe’s fastest-growing tech hubs, the locations which we have selected for our growth plans are Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine.”, Neil McMurdo, Chief Executive Officer, Godel Technologies.

A recent research estimates that 8 out of 1,000 people in Eastern Europe have studied programming, as education in these countries attaches great importance to these skills. Therefore, the development of Godel Technologies was also directed to Lithuania, as, according to the company’s representatives, Lithuania is expected to have some of the best programmers.

“Due to the high concentration of IT professionals who are eager to continuously learn new skills, our region has already become Europe’s powerhouse for IT development. Vilnius is strengthening its position as a hub for tech businesses across Northern Europe, with Godel Technologies being the latest organization coming to the city. I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings, and I am more than sure that Lithuania will help Godel Technologies and those who come after, to excel and exceed all expectations“, states Mantas Katinas, the general manager for Invest Lithuania.

According to Andrius Barštys, the Head of Capitalica Asset Management, the SBA group company that manages 135, Vilnius and Kaunas are ideal locations to attract more Belarusian technology companies looking to expand. “Observing the trends of the last few months, we forecast that the number of Belarusian IT companies in Lithuania will increase. Lithuania has a great infrastructure and an entire ecosystem. Many Class A business centers in our country meet the high requirements of sustainability and greenery set by international companies, they could be called the most attractive in the region. Besides, highly qualified specialists and the fastest Internet create ideal conditions to operate in Europe from Lithuania,” he commented.

Aiming to become the most respected provider of remote IT services in Europe, Godel provides software engineering, product development, cloud computing, IT development operations, mobile applications, testing and automation, machine learning, and data analytics services to UK organisations.

Godel Technologies, which became a resident of the Minsk High Technology Park in 2007, now intends to become an active participant in Lithuanian universities – to appoint its experts to information technology study programs, invite students to do internships with the opportunity to become members of an international team.

Godel Technologies is based in a 470 square meters office, and in the near future, 60 information technology specialists will work here to develop software. “We assessed many business centers in Vilnius, 135 was chosen as the one that best meets the needs of our company. It is a modern office that has conference halls of various sizes.  The location of the building is also perfect with good transport links.  We are also looking forward to being able to utilise the roof terrace and barbecue zone for our employees,” said Michelle Nock, Vice President of Marketing at Godel Technologies.

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