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Moody’s to contribute to the education of the most talented students at ISM University

January 09, 2020

A leading global financial services company, Moody’s Corporation will partner with ISM University of Management and Economics and the ISM Foundation and will contribute EUR 200.000 to finance the education of the most talented students in Lithuania.

Moody’s is also establishing Moody’s Lab at ISM University dedicated to the research of credit ratings.

‘Close cooperation between business and education is a driving force behind modern, broad-minded society, as well as a responsible and successful business. ISM University educates students to use critical thinking in order to adapt to the constantly changing environment, and we are excited to contribute to the development of young talent in the region,’ says Mariano Andrade Gonzalez, CEO of Moody’s Lithuania. The most talented young people at ISM University study for free. Their education is funded via 100 Talent Scholarships, a unique project based on cooperation between business and higher education. Since 2011, more than 300 ISM University students have received financial support from this programme. By allocating EUR 200.000 Moody’s becomes the largest sponsor of the 100 Talent Scholarship programme, as well as a major supporter of ISM. ‘Moody’s decision to contribute to this programme is a tremendous affirmation of our efforts, demonstrating that employers value the high quality of our studies and our ability to nurture critically-thinking students. We are proud that Moody’s has decided not only to contribute financially but also to give students tools to deepen their financial knowledge. Established at our university, Moody’s Lab will give ISM students access to the same data and analytics used by real-world business leaders”, says Dr. Dalius Misiūnas, the President of ISM University of Management and Economics. ‘By engaging with such high-profile business organizations and their leaders, ISM University is undoubtedly the best platform for students to get to a closer look at the challenges that companies and their executives face every day’.

Aneta Šlekytė-Kaminienė, Director of the ISM Foundation, is also pleased with the growing number of social partners and increasing business involvement in education.

‘We think that support from businesses like Moody’s will help to usher in the future and bring about real change in our society. These examples of cooperation inspire us to strive more and provide us with greater incentives to help young people fulfil their dreams of learning, growing and developing. Based on philanthropic traditions, the activities of the ISM Foundation are changing lives, bringing joy and leaving an important footprint in society’, says Ms. A. Šlekytė-Kaminienė.

Mr. Andrade Gonzalez and the Head of ISM University have also confirmed the agreement to create Moody’s Lab at ISM University.

Students and researchers will have full access to Moody’s public website for their studies, in order to conduct research on corporate, industry and country ratings, to access Moody’s published reports and rating methodologies, as well as access to specialized databases utilized by Moody’s customers for research and study purposes. The content of the workshops at Moody’s Lab will be integrated in the curriculum taught at ISM University’s Finance and Economics programs. Moody’s experts will also contribute to the creation and review of specific assignments for students. None of the information students will get access to is however confidential or proprietary information.

The purpose of the ISM Foundation is to enable young people to study at ISM University, regardless of their financial means, and to develop a tradition of philanthropy within the university community. Since 2011, the ISM University of Management and Economics, in conjunction with the ISM Foundation and Business, has been running a “100 Talent” scholarship program which gives the opportunity to the best graduates to study for free and receive the highest quality education at ISM University. Approximately 20 percent each year. scholarships are set up by sponsors and the rest are funded by ISM University. Since the beginning of this programme, more than 300 young people have received the ISM 100 Talent Scholarship.

About Moody’s CSR

Moody’s believe that knowledge fuels opportunity. The core of our business is to provide credit ratings, research, tools and analysis that help equip participants in global financial markets to understand risks and move forward with critical insight. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are rooted in that same approach. We are focused on helping young people reach their potential and have partnered with schools and non-profits around the world to prepare young people for successful careers in finance, technology and economics while developing a diverse talent pipeline.

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