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Investment environment

International companies that are already here name talent, infrastructure, cost competitiveness and an unparalleled work-life balance as key advantages Lithuania has to offer. Praised for digital skills and gender equality at work, Lithuania is one of Europe’s leaders when it comes to jobs created by FDI projects.

  • #1 globally
    for gender equality at work
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, IMD World Competitiveness Center, 2023
  • #9 globally
    for gender equality at work
    Source: World Economic Forum, 2023
  • Part of the Eurozone
    since 2015
  • Part of EU and NATO
    since 2004
Set up your business in a few clicks
Lithuania is an open and digital country, where you can set up your business in a matter of days. Best thing about it, you can do it all online. The speed of setting up is among the reasons Lithuania continues to ascend international rankings. To make your set-up process even smoother, we have prepared a concise guide with all the needed information:
Setting up a business in Lithuania.
A step-by-step guide

Optimal conditions for your growth

The Lithuanian tax system is simple and has a range of incentives for large-scale investors and those willing to conduct R&D activities. Here’s the main figures you need to know:

  • Tax incentives for R&D
    • 5%
      Corporate profit tax (patent box)
    • 3x Tax Deduction
      R&D cost reduction
  • Tax incentives for R&D
    Salary structure in Lithuania

Tax structure

  • Taxes
    Corporate profit tax
  • Taxes
  • Taxes
    Personal income tax
  • Taxes

Utility prices

(EUR, excl. VAT)

  • Electricity Price
    0.162-0.379 Eur/kWh

    Electricity price
    Source: Source: Eurostat, 2022 H2, Range of electricity costs for non-household consumers
  • Gas Price
    99.5-120.8 Eur/MWh

    Gas price
    Source: Eurostat, 2022 H2, Range of gas costs for non-household consumers
  • Cold Water Price
    2.02 EUR/m3

    Cold drinking water price
    Source: Average tariff of 3 largest cities for industrial consumers, 2023
  • Hot Water Price
    5.39 EUR/m3

    Hot drinking water price
    Source: Average tariff of 3 largest cities for industrial consumers, 2023

Migration procedures

Lithuania is waiting for you! Moving to Lithuania is a straightforward process.
Here are the basic procedures explained in simple terms:

For EU citizens
Standard EU procedures applicable for EU citizens who aim to live and work in Lithuania:
  • Stay up to 90 days

    The only thing you’ll need is your ID card or passport.

  • Stay longer than 90 days (up to a maximum of 5 years)

    You will need:

    • A completed application form
    • Your passport or ID card
    • An employment contract – a letter from a Lithuania-based employer, confirming that you will be working for them or documents confirming that you are the (co-)owner of a Lithuania-based enterprise
    • A declaration of your place of residence
For Non-EU citizens
If you are a non-EU citizen, you’ll need to go through 3 basic steps before you start working:
  • Get a Schengen Visa (C)

    A Schengen Visa allows you to stay in Lithuania for a total period of 90 days. A Schengen Visa is relatively easy and quick to get.

    More information on the application procedure can be found here:

  • Get an EU Blue Card

    What is the EU Blue Card?

    • A residence and work permit for highly-skilled non-EU citizens.
    • It will be valid for up to 3 years, and it can be extended for up to 3 years also.
    • You will have the right to bring family members.
    • You will become eligible for permanent residence after 5 years.

    You will find more information on the EU Blue card and the application procedure here:

For Non-EU startup owners
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