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Silicon Valley multi-cloud security company vArmour opens software development centre in Lithuania

November 22, 2021

vArmour, a leading provider of application relationship management software, has just announced the establishment of their latest development centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. The centre will specialise in expanding 3rd party integrations, which will enable the company to better leverage its core capabilities of discovering, observing, and controlling application, user, and data relationships across multiple IT environments.

vArmour is a California-based multi-cloud security company. The company’s global customer base includes large banks and financial services companies, telecommunications and content providers, healthcare systems, manufacturers and regulated infrastructure providers.

The Silicon Valley company has focused on minimising cybersecurity exposure and controlling enterprise risk since its inception in 2011. However, its solutions have evolved as both technology and customer needs have changed. They provide resiliency monitoring and a security platform for operational risk control, increased application resiliency, and hybrid cloud security, leveraging partnerships like AWS and Microsoft.

“Our past and future success are based on two related trends — the significant increase in the frequency of sophisticated cyberattacks and the evolution and migration of computing environments to the cloud,” says Keith Stewart, SVP of Product & Strategy at vArmour. “We are building innovative solutions that most effectively respond to those trends.”

vArmour enables enterprises to discover, observe, and control the relationships between and among users, applications, infrastructure, and data. These capabilities are critical to defending against sophisticated cyberthreats in modernising environments where perimeters are essentially zero and thus attack surfaces are significantly increased. The company has already acquired 36 patents related to its services.

The development centre in Lithuania will be at the forefront of vArmour’s core development efforts and become one of the company’s primary European hubs. Having evaluated numerous sites around the EMEA region, vArmour chose Lithuania for its track record in cybersecurity. Additional reasons for choosing Lithuania include ease of travel to the country, good connectivity to the rest of the EU, and the fact that several of their partners are also here. The company also praised its location near high-quality universities for attracting top talent in software and DevOps engineers, engineering leaders, product owners and scrum-masters.

vArmour has also declared its intention to develop partnerships with Lithuanian universities to enable internship and upskilling programs and leverage the country’s recent university graduates’ technical, business development, and sales skills.

We will endeavour to join and foster cybersecurity communities in Lithuania, support security researchers and create environments to collaborate and exchange knowledge.
Keith Stewart, SVP of Product & Strategy at vArmour

“Increasing threats to the security of ever more prevalent cloud computing platforms will only enhance the need for solutions tailored to combat them,” says Elijus Čivilis, General Manager of Invest Lithuania. “Lithuania offers a steady stream of well-educated and dedicated IT specialists, which has made it a favoured location for technology companies, and will undoubtedly serve vArmour in building on their innovative, effective solutions to such threats.”

Founded in 2011 to develop new ways to protect data and applications in large-scale computing and network environments, vArmour has expanded to North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia/Pacific regions and continues to grow rapidly in all these regions. From 2020 to 2021, the company grew 75% year-over-year.

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