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State of the Art Production Facility Opens in Šiauliai

March 20, 2015

ROL/Statga, a member of the Swedish-based manufacturing group ROL, has opened a new, high-tech production unit in Šiauliai Industrial Park. The new facility, which is 12,400 sq. m in size and will create 89 new employment positions, will produce metal furniture parts and components for sales equipment. The ROL group has invested more than EUR 7 million in the facility, which boasts highly-advanced robotic production lines that will boost efficiency and turn out.

“The opening of this state of the art factory in Šiauliai is the result of successful cooperation between the Ministry of Economy, Šiauliai municipality, and private business, and serves as a perfect example for how future projects could be conducted. The construction of the factory was funded using the support of EU Structural Funds and represents one of the most successful investments in the development of the Lithuanian regions. The support provided (EUR 1.5 million) is a significant investment in the development of industry in the Šiauliai area,” Minister of Economy Evaldas Gustas said. According to Mr Gustas, the Ministry of Economy and its subordinate institutions are actively working on the development of other regions of Lithuania by implementing EU financial aid measures, looking for investors, and providing information, advice and training services.

[quote text=”Over the past four years, ROL/Statga has almost tripled its turnover. Taking advantage of the convenient geographical position of the country, we are also planning to expand our warehouse and develop a logistics services unit that will coordinate product supply to clients of ROL Group abroad.” name_surname=”Rytis Dijokas” description=”Head of ROL/Statga”]

Rytis Dijokas, the head of ROL/Statga, is rightly pleased with the strong growth and capacity development seen in recent years. “Each new object of strategic significance is a good sign not only for the region, but also for the economy of the entire country and of course for the ROL group. We are glad to have fulfilled all the tasks set for us by our Swedish shareholders and finished last year successfully. Over the past four years, ROL/Statga has almost tripled its turnover, and our export market now includes not only the traditional countries of Western Europe, but also new markets such as the USA, Canada and China.” Mr Dijokas explained that further plans for expansion are in the pipeline. “Taking advantage of the convenient geographical position of the country, we are also planning to expand our warehouse and develop a logistics services unit that will coordinate product supply to clients of ROL Group abroad.”

According to Justinas Pagirys, the director of the Investment Development Department of Invest Lithuania, an investment development agency, ROL/Statga’s development in Lithuania has been impressive: “ROL/Statga counts a number of globally recognised companies among its clients. These clients clearly appreciate the quality of the goods produced in Lithuania as the increasing turnover of ROL/Statga demonstrates. Since initial discussions on development of the site began five years ago, ROL/Statga has created more than 150 new jobs in Šiauliai. It represents a real success story in the engineering industry.”

Mr Dijokas is also keen to point out that the new facility is not just about increased capacity. It is also a high-quality environment for the firm’s employees, featuring skylights, a brand new air-conditioning system, and modern lighting.

The unit’s dyeing line, which is worth more than EUR 1 million, and the other robotised production lines will significantly enhance the potential productivity of the 322 professionals who already work at ROL/Statga

“Our combination of highly-qualified workers and the modern technologies used in manufacturing have helped us to earn the trust of foreign partners and to gain strong positions in other markets. Our iDrive technology, which was developed by ROL Ergo and is popular abroad, has already built our reputation in North America, Scandinavia, and Germany. Now we are planning to establish ourselves the UK and Polish markets. Since employee health and working conditions in these countries are a priority, our iDesk innovative desk supports are especially marketable there,” Mr Dijokas said. These innovative desks remember the most suitable height for the worker both while seated and while standing. They also remind the person working at the desk when his/her working position should be changed from sitting to standing and vice versa. According to the head of the company, the new factory will enable the company to start looking for development opportunities in other countries.


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