Alchemetrics launches Lithuanian office

November 19, 2018

Customer data platform specialist Alchemetrics has launched a new office in Lithuania as part of its rapid expansion and modernisation plans. Overt the coming 3 years, the company plans to grow its headcount in Lithuania to 50 employees.

Based in the capital Vilnius, the investment bolsters existing capabilities, broadens the service offering and provides the platform for growth in the coming years through the creation of four teams including creative front end development, back end development, data and delivery teams. To staff up, Alchemetrics has developed a strong relationship with Vilnius Coding School who provide an amazing training programme for tech resource in Lithuania, meaning that it has the ability to scale very quickly with some of the world’s most talented young developers.

Vilnius is also one of the three global centres of excellence for blockchain and with Alchemetrics’, and its analytics and insight business Rubicon’s, interest in solutions for the future, the opportunity to tap into this resource was clearly an additional attraction when deciding where to invest.

According to Dave Gurney, CEO of Alchemetrics, Lithuania’s coding and development reputation is exemplary providing some of the best IT talent in the world.

“It made sense for us to open the office out there to support our ambitious growth plans. Alchemetrics’ culture has always been of paramount importance and so when establishing an offshore team, it was crucial to us that our colleagues in Lithuania felt part of the business. Daily video stand-ups and bi-monthly staff exchanges between the UK and Lithuania allows us to operate as one.  This really is an exciting time for Alchemetrics and I am confident that launching UAB Alchemetrics will significantly contribute to our overall business growth in the years to come,” Dave Gurney, the CEO of Alchemetrics, said.

The CTO of Alchemetrics Cyril points out that the quality of IT professionals in Lithuania is exemplary.

“Their attitude to work, approach to being able to develop new skills, willingness to learn and focus on being part of a wider team is remarkable. This is my second time leading a team in Lithuania and I’m delighted in the calibre of individuals who make up our team.  It’s been a great journey so far expanding our business in Vilnius and look forward developing our capabilities and platform in the coming months,” Cyril Law, the CTO of Alchemetrics, stated.

“The supply of IT specialists is becoming a more and more important factor for the growth of the sector. Developers are a limited resource and all countries are facing shortages. Lithuania should use the existent and constantly growing number of its IT professionals in the most efficient way possible. That is, first of all, by attracting more companies like Alchemetrics that develop high value-added IT products,” Virginijus Sinkevičius, the country’s Minister of Economy, states.

“The success of cities of the future will be mostly determined by the capacity of its digital industry and community. It looks like Vilnius has a real potential of becoming one of the leading players in our region, and the attraction of new companies of different fields and profiles will help the city greatly,” Mantas Katinas, Managing Director of Invest Lithuania, believes.

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