Revel Systems develops in Lithuania: new office and the company’s second biggest division in the world

November 13, 2017

Revel Systems, a US technology company providing innovative POS payment solutions and valued at more than EUR 500 million, is further strengthening its position in Lithuania. The company has opened a new office in Vilnius that is double the size of the previous one, entrusting new functions to the local team so that the Lithuanian division is now Revel Systems’ second biggest in the world.

“We are especially satisfied with the results of the Lithuanian team, therefore we are happy to be able to expand even more here. We started our activities in Lithuania with plans to have a sales office more than two years ago. After we started working we noticed the Lithuanians’ immense talent and their high professional level, so the division naturally transformed into the second biggest in the world, which today not only develops technical product solutions but also provides different services to our other offices and clients globally,” said Leslie Leaf, Senior Vice President of Global Customer Success at Revel Systems on the occasion of the office opening.

New office for future development

Currently 120 people work in the office in Lithuania. A significant number of them are programmers and other technology professionals. Solutions developed by them are later used in Revel Systems’ payment terminals globally. Moreover, divisions for technical client service, testing, terminal assembly and preparation for work are operating in Lithuania.

“Together with the new office, we have also trusted accounting functions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions to the Lithuanian team. Next year we are going to expand further in Lithuania and our focus will be the recruitment of programmers and other technical specialists. It is namely for this purpose we were looking for an office that is double the size. We are much appreciated in the labour market; in 2017, we were elected as one of the most attractive start-ups to work in. We invest a lot in our employees and over the last two years more than 60 professionals have been promoted in Lithuania,” Leslie Leaf noted.

According to her, at the new office opened in the Quadrum business centre in central Vilnius, Revel Systems’ employees will have more spacious premises, better working conditions, a large terrace and an office that is environmentally friendly.

A start for other tech companies in Lithuania

“Revel Systems’ decision to establish an office in Lithuania proves the growth of the country’s IT competencies, as it was the first of the product companies to set up a product development division here. Today, a dozen or so international companies are developing their technologies in Vilnius. Quite a number of them were encouraged to open divisions in Lithuania specifically because of Revel Systems’ success story,” said Mantas Katinas, General Director of the foreign investment promotion agency Invest Lithuania.

“The development of Revel Systems is a perfect example of the strengthening economic relations between our two countries. Lithuania has proved it can be the ideal partner for US companies in creating mutually beneficial relations. In Lithuania, Revel Systems creates workplaces for highly qualified employees while at the same time expanding the availability of innovative American products in the European market,” said Diane Kohn, Political and Economic Deputy Chief at the US Embassy in Lithuania.

“Vilnius is an open and friendly city for good ideas, innovations, professionalism, progress and, certainly, for start-ups. We are really delighted that an increasingly large number of brand names and trademarks famous in the international business arena not only come to Lithuania but also choose Vilnius as their home in the Baltics. The fact that Revel Systems has grown out of its office and become the second biggest in the world confirms that Vilnius is an attractive place to implement and develop business ideas,” said Vilnius Deputy Mayor Linas Kvedaravičius.

Revel Systems launched its activities in Lithuania in 2015. Firmly established in Silicon Valley, the company has more than 500 employees working in offices all over the world (the USA, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.). The company provides innovative payment solutions to the Horeca sector. Currently more than 65,000 of its payment terminals based on iPad and iOS technologies operate globally.

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