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Teleperformance plans to hire hundreds of new employees in Lithuania

February 09, 2021

Teleperformance, a Paris-headquartered global leader in outsourced customer experience management, has announced plans to hire additional 500 employees to its Lithuanian branch by 2022. The company first set foot in the Baltic country in 2015 and currently employs around 150 multilingual specialists.

From the capital Vilnius, Teleperformance provides the core services of customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, online interpreting solutions, visa application management services, data analysis, and debt collection to clients worldwide.

The Lithuania-based office’s main languages include English, Lithuanian, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Greek and Hebrew. The company lists multilingualism as one of the key advantages of the Lithuanian talent pool. The Baltic country has one of the highest foreign language knowledge rates in Europe, with the average number of languages spoken per person being 2.7, and 97.3% of the population speaking at least one foreign language.

Thanks to the flexible nature of services Teleperformance provides, its operations have been virtually unaffected by the pandemic. On the contrary, the company enhanced its hiring methods and opened up doors to collaboration with universities in Klaipėda and Kaunas.

“Once coronavirus-related restrictions were put into place in Lithuania, it took us a couple of days to transfer all employees to work from home. We are proud to say that we have been able to avoid lay-offs, and we have even added new workplaces,” – Natalia Arechtina, HR Business Partner in Teleperformance Lithuania.

According to the company, acquiring a new major client allowed the company to grow and prosper even in these challenging times. This new exciting project is connected with a flourishing social network and will create dozens of content moderation jobs. Teleperformance is currently in a process of recruiting and selecting specialists with a good command of English and Russian languages who will review and manage user‑generated content. It is likely that more career opportunities will come up for candidates with various skills as the project will scale up. The company is set to expand its team with 500 additional specialists by 2022.

Over years of experience, our employees became our core value. We want people to be inspired, motivated, and proud to be a part of the Teleperformance family.
Natalia Iashchuk, Contact Center Manager in Teleperformance Lithuania

This is the second major expansion the company has experienced in its relatively short time in Lithuania. In 2018, given high interest from potential clients, Teleperformance Lithuania moved to an A+ class Business Stadium West business centre. The company currently occupies 2,300 square meters of office space with options for further expansion.

“Over years of experience, our employees became our core value. We want people to be inspired, motivated, and proud to be a part of the Teleperformance family. We care about every employee and invest in creating the best workplace for them, with a great work environment, job satisfaction and a friendly atmosphere. It is the key to deliver the best business results,” – Natalia Iashchuk, Contact Center Manager in Teleperformance Lithuania.

The company’s efforts in the domain of employee satisfaction have not been left unnoticed. Back in 2018, Teleperformance Lithuania was recognized as the best employer in Lithuania by AON Hewitt.

“Teleperformance follows a familiar and delightful pattern of a company that came to Lithuania with relatively modest expectations and grew at a rate they didn’t imagine. This is another reminder of the professionalism, eagerness-to-learn and work ethic our specialists demonstrate day in and day out,” – Mantas Katinas, General Manager of Invest Lithuania, says.

Globally, Teleperformance operates 171,000 computerized workstations, with 300,000 employees across 350 contact centres in 76 countries and serving 160 markets. The company manages programs in 265 languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies operating in a wide variety of industries.

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