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Lithuanian talents fuel Transcom’s latest wave of expansion

December 20, 2018

Transcom Worldwide has just announced expansion plans for the upcoming four years across both Vilnius and Kaunas centres that will see an additional 330 specialists joining Transcom’s already impressive Lithuanian teams. Most new employees will be hired in Transcom’s Kaunas office and will provide key customer services to clients in English, German and Lithuanian languages. Additionally, 60 FTE’s will be recruited for complex  business support services (including reporting, data analysis and processing) and IT support.

Transcom established their first operations in Vilnius in April 2002, and this was followed in 2007 with a second contact centre in Kaunas. The company now employs more than 950 people in Vilnius and Kaunas and is the largest customer services outsourcer by the number of employees in Lithuania. This trend is only set to continue with the recent announcement that the company is expanding its operations in Lithuania.

The extension of Transcom’s operational scope in Lithuania is further evidence of the maturity of the local business services sector. Increasingly, foreign businesses are leveraging the depth of competence available in the local talent pool to extend the services they offer into more value-adding areas such as IT development and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Indeed, talent development lays at the core of Transcom’s operations in Lithuania. The company has an admirable track record for launching the careers of young talent in the country. In the words of Vaida Šapolė, Operations Director: “It is a pleasure for us to know that many young people started their professional career with us. Transcom is the first employer for approx. 30% of our employees. We also actively encourage and implement initiatives for professional development; 8 out of 10 managers are recruited internally, and a majority of our senior management team started to work as customer service agents.”

Transcom is an active participant in the local “Talent 100” program which seeks to provide support for the development of local talent by offering scholarships and internships. Moreover, they offer their own in-company Accelerate program to develop key business skills.

For Mantas Katinas, General Manager at Invest Lithuania, the extension of Transom’s operations in Lithuania is a welcome acknowledgement of the local sector’s strongest value proposition: its people.

“We are proud of the long and fruitful relationship Transcom has enjoyed with Lithuania. They have been with us throughout the growth of our business services sector, and we are happy that they are now taking advantage of the breadth of experience and skill that the talent within our mature sector has to offer.”

Transcom International is “global customer experience specialist” providing customer care, sales, technical support and collections services through an extensive network of contact centres. Headquartered in Sweden, and with a global workforce of 29,000 customer experience specialists at 50 contact centers in 33 languages, their reach is truly international.

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