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The new Danske Bank IT center presents office combined with home-like coziness

December 10, 2015

Almost a year operating the Danske Bank IT center Lithuania (DGITL) today officially presented its new building where a concept of “home extension at the office” was implemented. The architectural and interior solutions of the building are already recognized as one of the most modern and most original in the Baltic states.

“Our employees, theirs ideas and skills are our biggest assets. So a goal here is to ensure for them the best working environment with the feeling of home. Majority of ideas came from employees so we have unique surroundings”, – said head of DGITL Giedrius Dzekunskas.

At work – like at home

Equipping the Danske Bank IT center building the main goal was to create a functional and comfortable home-like environment that will stimulate creativity and increase efficiency. The interior is filled with original solutions, such as several meeting rooms themed with countries where Danske Bank IT departments operate. The decorations of the office walls were made by famous Lithuanian street artists and graphic designers. The building consists of 30 spaces dedicated to various topics related to digital life.

One of the meeting rooms is dedicated to Dennis Ritchie – the pioneer of C programming language. Also, a „Pac-Mac“ computer game themed room can be found in the building. In addition, staff canteen, gym and gaming area was established for the DGITL staff only at the ground floor of the building.

Another important goal designing the building was to create a balance between the public and private spaces giving the staff an opportunity to control their privacy. As a result, the open spaces were designed to provide as much privacy as possible and additional meeting rooms were equipped to meet the needs of small groups or individual employees.

Much attention is given to the work in international teams as Danske Bank IT center cooperates with other departments located in various countries. Each floor is equipped with modern video conference equipment, as well as with the technologies to monitor and manage an organization’s IT processes 24 hours a day.


Located at the Goštautas street, Vilnius the Danske Bank IT center building is a class A building and is designed according to the international environmental standard “Leed Platinum”,  ensuring the building construction and building materials are environmentally friendly. It is the only building in Lithuania meeting the “Leed Platinum” standard. During the construction the majority of construction waste and materials should be recycled. Also, the building materials used should be of regional origin, produced not more than 800 km from the site, in order to avoid long range transporting and negative impact on the environment.

The largest deal this year

Currently the Danske Bank IT center already employs over 360 specialists responsible for the Danske Bank Group’s information systems infrastructure maintenance and development, as well as for e-banking services, mobile applications and other solutions development. DGITL also has over 150 open  vacancies. The new business center is planned to accommodate about 600 professionals in total.

The Danske Bank, the bank’s branch and service centers in Lithuania, currently employs more than 1300 people and is one of the fastest growing organizations in Lithuania. Every day on average two new positions are filled. The office space leased by the Danske Bank in Lithuania covers an area of 26 thousand square meters – this is perhaps the greatest figure in the country. In addition, the lease contract of the new building is one of the largest this year in Lithuania.

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