Lithuania ranked 16th in the world according to ICT skills

January 09, 2015

According to the latest report by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Lithuania stands 40th in the world according to its development in information and communications technologies (ICT). Country’s best position (16th globally) is according to ICT skills; that measure the share of the population with higher education and the overall level of adult literacy.

This year, Denmark tops the list with 8.86 points, overtaking South Korea (8.85), last year’s leader. Sweden is ranked third, and the other countries in the top 10 are as follows: Iceland, Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Hong Kong and Luxemburg.

Lithuania’s index for development in information and communication technologies increased from 2012 to 2013, however, its place in the global rating remained the same.

The report also mentioned Lithuania among the countries with the highest use of internet by business companies. Only in Lithuania, Finland and the Netherlands 100 % of businesses use the internet (EU average is 95 %).

The ICT index presented in the report reflects several key areas of technological progress. Lithuania occupies 53rd place in the rating according to the access of the population to ICT (measured by the number of subscribers to fixed line and mobile connections per 100 000 of the population, internet speed in international dataflow, the number of households with a computer and access to the Internet).

Lithuania occupies 36th place in the world according to ICT penetration: the percentage of users connected to cable and wireless broadband internet connection per 100 000 of the population.

Download the full report here.

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