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SEB Group Global Services to grow to 1,000 employees

October 05, 2018

SEB Global Services in Vilnius plans to grow to 1,000 employees by the end of 2018. In addition to 930 specialists currently employed,  70 new hires will join the team in the next quarter. These will be Big Data specialists, programmers, customer service experts, financial data and reports analysts and other professionals.

“We are increasing the number of employees for two reasons. First of all, with more staff competencies, we can assume more and more complex functions. That is why we are expanding the range of competencies within the existing business areas, such as Operations, Finance and IT. We are also planning to bring new SEB Group business support areas to Lithuania,” Rūta Jasiulionienė, general manager of the SEB Group Global Services, said.

Next year, the number of SEB employees in Vilnius will also increase –  there are plans to recruit a further 100 people, mainly Operations and IT specialists.

This week, SEB Group Global Services is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Vilnius. Since the establishment of the centre in 2008 with 67 specialists, the team has increased 16 times. The most significant growth was recorded in 2016 when about 200 new members of staff were recruited – the team then increased by 26%.

“We will probably not see the same large-scale growth in the future as we saw a few years ago, because the market of the Shared Service centres has reached a certain maturity period. The responsibilities and functions of both SEB Group Global Services and other similar centres operating in the country will become increasingly more complex, employee competencies will increase, more attention will be paid to the way in which greater value is created for clients and to automation and optimisation of simpler processes. The market, however, is not yet saturated, so we can expect new market players and must be ready for this,” Ms Jasiulionienė said when speaking about the situation in the market of the Shared Services centres in the country.

According to Ms Jasiulionienė, at the SEB Group Global Services specialists are motivated by opportunities to grow and improve. “We have 46 employees who have worked at our Shared Services centre in Vilnius for a decade. We are also proud that we have earned the trust of our colleagues at the SEB Group, which means we can grow by combining and centralising business services functions and testing many new projects. In Vilnius, we implement fast business optimisation projects, develop robots and apply Agile methodology,” Ms Jasiulionienė said.

At the moment, SEB Group Global Services in Vilnius mainly employs IT specialists (350 people), who account for 38% of the team, and also specialists in the fields of operations (32%) and finance (22%). Other specialists work in the areas of SEB Group personnel administration, risk analysis, robotics and others. A total of 54% of all employees are women and 46% are men. The SEB Group Global Services in Riga employs about 500 people.

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