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Leesys, an electronics hub from Leipzig, to open a new plant in Lithuania

November 25, 2019

Leesys is an Electronic Manufacturing Service from Leipzig with a long-lasting history of doing business in automotive industry. The company’s operational strengths have been already recognized by German businesses and government.  For continuing its successful growth strategy into the electronics markets, the Leesys announces to open up a new plant in Lithuania. The company plans to hire up to 40 people in three-year period.

Leesys offers electronics development and manufacturing, including design and production of electronic devices and systems, inspection and testing of devices, electronic and plastic parts from one source under the same roof, assembly of devices and logistics services up to after sales services.

According to Dr. Arnd Karden, CEO Leesys, picking the right place for the new plant was a very well thought out process. Different countries have been evaluated according to different factors concerning labour market conditions, geographic and infrastructural topics as well as some general parameters like Ease-of-Doing-Business index.

“We have visited all the Top3 ranking countries, and Lithuania was 100% convincing. Mainly the level of skilled people, the openness towards technical progress, the adequate infrastructure and – last but not least – the outstanding support by the investment agency Invest Lithuania, have been the relevant factors to select Lithuania for the new site”, says Dr. Arnd Karden.

“The most important trends in the automotive industry at present – automated driving, electrification and connectivity – are significantly increasing the demand for vehicle electronics. Newcomers like Leesys that produce electronics components for the industry form a strong automotive cluster ensuring that traditionally strong competencies are applied to meet the needs of the modern Lithuanian economy”, – states Mantas Katinas, the Managing Director of Invest Lithuania.

For its operations in Lithuania, Leesys has chosen Panevėžys Free Economic Zone (FEZ), which offers conditions considered by the investor as the most suitable for the planned development phase.

“PFEZ offered a comprehensive service solution called Easy Start, which allows the investor to start operations immediately after the signing of the contract. It was one of the main factors that motivated Leesys’s decision to invest in Lithuania. It is precisely this solution that allows a quick and efficient start of operations in the rented premises”, says Rokas Krivonis, the Director of Panevėžys FEZ.

The company is highly interested in innovative processes and products. Thus, the production satellite in Lithuania will be focussing on Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul (RMO) processes. The German site will further adapt, adopt and improve its processes for serial production of PCB(A), plastic parts and assembled electronic devices and systems. This is to comply with the Leesys Vision: “Secure Hardware for Secure Communication”.

To ensure the competitive edge, Leesys is planning to collaborate with universities in Lithuania as it has been doing in Germany.

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