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VGTU and Bentley Systems to join forces in the field of digital construction

February 13, 2015

As the use of information technologies in the construction sector gains momentum in Lithuania, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) has signed an agreement with  Bentley Systems International to establish a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Academy at the university. VGTU will be responsible for the activities of the Academy in the Baltic States.

The BIM Academy will be located in the Centre for Building Digital and Information Modelling Technologies. The centre, which was established a year ago, has all the infrastructure, equipment and expertise necessary for preparing young digital construction professionals.

“The partnership of VGTU and Bentley Systems will offer a breakthrough in the field of digital construction in Lithuania, as well as in neighbouring countries. VGTU is recognised in the region as a leader in the field of technologies, and Bentley Systems is a global supplier of software for major infrastructure projects. Hence, the fusion of higher education and business efforts will ensure the sustainable development of digital construction competences”, said David G. Robertson, Director of the BIM Academy, set up with the support of Bentley Systems.

[quote text=”The partnership of VGTU and Bentley Systems will offer a breakthrough in the field of digital construction in Lithuania.” name_surname=”David G. Robertson” description=”Director of the BIM Academy”]

The BIM Academy will be entrusted with an important task – to change the thinking of specialists and to show them the benefits of digital construction technologies. As a result, its activities will not be limited to just student training. It will  run qualification improvement courses and host conferences and seminars. These activities will  allow representatives from Bentley Systems, managers of other  companies, delegates  from municipalities and others to share their experiences of  specific digital construction projects. The hope is that this will encourage specialists with a diverse range of experience to start using building information modelling processes in their professional activities.

“In view of the historical background of VGTU and the profile of the specialists being trained, the development of building information modelling technologies is a key element of the university’s development strategy. These technologies are combined in an integrated manner into the scientific research and study programmes. Since  the establishment of the centre devoted to digital construction, we have started more active processes for competence development and innovation creation,  and for the  promotion and transfer of these to market participants. And now with the support of a strong partner, we will roll out these activities even more”, said Alfonsas Daniūnas, Rector of VGTU.

In developing the new digital construction technologies Master’s and Doctoral study programmes, VGTU plans to use guidelines and teaching methodologies that have already been prepared. Software for the programme will be provided by Bentley Systems.

The agreement signed between VGTU and Bentley Systems stipulates  that, initially, BIM Academy specialists will  focus on important infrastructure objects – for example, the building of the Railbaltica track – and promote the use of digital information in different stages of these projects such as design, construction, calculation of materials, operation etc. The partners believe that the accumulation of information in digital formats, and the ability to cooperate closely, will help all the project participants to work more effectively.

The close cooperation between Bentley Systems and the University started last year, when a strategic partnership agreement was signed. The agreement commited the parties to work together to attract students to engineering courses and train them according to  the market’s needs, with  advanced engineering design technologies  to be used  in the different study programmes.


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