FESTO LIETUVA to fill office for 480 employees in Kaunas soon

May 14, 2018
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On May 8, 2018, FESTO’s new office building has officially opened in Kaunas, Lithuania. FESTO Lietuva, which has witnessed double-digit growth in the past years, moved to a new 500-capacity office building and has plans for further expansion into the nearby building.

German FESTO is a leader in innovation in the field of automation industry. The company also creates and develops new solutions in bionics – an area that connects biology and new technology. During the opening of the new office of FESTO LIETUVA a demonstration of one of such solutions – an aesthetically attractive bionic butterfly – was made to illustrate complex global trends in production, such as functional integration, super light construction and optimized network connection between individual systems in real-time. The bionic butterfly is an excellent example of how the virtual and real world can grow together.

2017 was a record year for FESTO as its turnover reached EUR 3 billion. “Our team in Lithuania makes a significant contribution to the success of the company. Its professionalism helps the company pursue its goals and constantly improve its main processes. This determines a consistent growth of FESTO LIETUVA – in recent years the number of its employees have been increasing by about 20% annually,” Pekka Parikka, general manager at FESTO LIETUVA, said.

The office of FESTO LIETUVA in Kaunas currently employs over 400 specialists in different areas. Over the next couple of years, 240 new jobs are planned. The growing company performs more and more complex functions in Lithuania, which require specialists from different fields who want to work in an international environment. “Working in global teams, employees can create and propose solutions that affect the future of the entire FESTO organisation. This is a good opportunity for our employees to grow and improve not only in the areas of their expertise, but also in leadership”, Giedrė Belazarienė, HR manager at FESTO LIETUVA, said.

The FESTO LIETUVA team consists of specialists from the areas of engineering, applied mathematics, economics, finance, management, IT, etc. who have a good command of English, Spanish, Italian, French or German. The branch has a wide range of responsibilities: from product sales to various business services centre functions.

FESTO growth – the gateway to Kaunas

According to Mantas Katinas, director general of Invest Lithuania, expansion of FESTO reflects a common trend in the industry of business services centres. There are currently more than 70 global business services centres in the country, which employ 15,000 specialists, three times more than five years ago. At the same time, transformation of GBS centres is taking place – many services centres, including FESTO, are multifunctional and include separate IT, finance, engineering and other teams, which perform increasingly more complex functions that require more competences.

“Over the past five years, the FESTO services centre has grown four times and soon will be the second centre in Kaunas with more than 500 employees. This success story serves as a gateway to Kaunas for foreign companies and has already attracted more investors to the city. We hope that other services centres in Kaunas will follow the example of FESTO and will cooperate with higher education institutions to train the future generation of specialists”, Mr Katinas said.

Further expansion in the coming years

Currently, FESTO LIETUVA fully occupies a new A class office building of more than 4,500 sqm. The capacity of the building is 480 working spaces. The building also accommodates recreation areas for employees: a space for coffee breaks, active leisure (foosball and table tennis), and an outdoor terrace. Some spaces of the building are decorated with modern graffiti.

The company is planning further expansion in 2018–2019 into the adjacent building with a further 240 working spaces.

FESTO LIETUVA has invested around EUR 0.5 million into its new office and a further EUR 0.3 million will be allocated for its next development phase.

German company FESTO is one of the first foreign investors in Lithuania and has invested around EUR 3 million since 1992.

The FESTO Group employs more than 20,000 employees worldwide. The company’s offices are located in 61 countries. FESTO provides products and support to more than 300,000 clients in 176 countries.

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