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Swedbank launches branch for operational services in Vilnius, will recruit more than 400 employees

March 01, 2016

On March 1st a Swedbank Group branch for operational services starts in Vilnius, Lithuania. Employees working in the newly established branch will conduct different operations for the whole group. From start there will be 140 employees working in the branch, and within a couple of years more than 400 new employees will be recruited.

„We are expanding our competencies and relocating existing as well as creating new functions in our organization. This will contribute to better services for clients not only in Lithuania, but in Sweden, Latvia and Estonia too. The establishment of legal branches is part of the Swedbank Group’s strategy to continuously review the bank’s operations in order to create the most efficient services”, said Dovilė Grigienė, Head of Swedbank Lithuania.

According to D. Grigienė, the Swedbank branch is looking for employees on different levels in various areas. New branch employees will be able to get acquainted with international business setting, work in multinational task-groups and Scandinavian organizational model. Branch employees will be provided growth and career environment within Swedbank organization both in Lithuania and abroad.

“Swebank’s decision to establish a branch for operational services is a big step forward for the service sector in Lithuania. The branch serving the whole Swedbank Group will contribute to creation of new working places for top quality finance professionals as well as will bring new competencies into country’s labor market”, told Mantas Katinas, Head of Invest Lithuania.

A decision has been made by Swedbank to relocate a number of activities and processes within and between its four home markets – Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Beside Lithuania, new legal branches are also established in Latvia and Estonia. Several functions are being transferred from areas such as Group IT, Products, Finance and LC&I in Sweden.

According to the plan more than 700 new positions will be created in the three Baltic countries until 2018 and at least 400 out of them will be created in Lithuania.

At the moment there are over 14.000 employees working in the Swedbank Group in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Swedbank is constantly named among the best employers in the Baltic countries.

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