Hundreds of Kaunas children to receive free programming lessons for full academic year

July 17, 2017

Hundreds of children in Lithuania’s second city, Kaunas, will be learning and practicing programming throughout the next academic year thanks to Devbridge Group’s Sourcery for Kids initiative. Through this initiative, Devbridge Group, a US-based provider of programming services with a division in Lithuania, will provide free basic training in programming to 7-12 year-old children in Kaunas. More than 200 children will be enrolled, with the programme lasting throughout the academic year.

Sourcery for Kids seeks to inspire and educate creative technologists, giving them the opportunity to learn and apply technological product development skills. For the entire academic year, the children will study key aspects of programming, from logical concepts and functions, through to variables, sequences, coordinates, and movement. And just as importantly, they will learn how to apply them in practical projects.

Viktoras Gurgždys, company Vice-President and Head of the Lithuanian Division, believes these disciplines should be available to every child in the country from an early age. Devbridge Group has a long-term target in this area – to increase the number of students entering information technologies studies tenfold in the next ten years.

Representatives of Devbridge Group emphasise that this initiative is not a one-off project; in fact this is the company’s third educational initiative in Lithuania. And this particular programme will have a wider geographical scope than just Kaunas. Sourcery for Kids will also be launched in another city, Šakiai, this year, and the company plans to expand it to other regions in the future.

The children participating in Sourcery for Kids will follow an accredited non-formal education programme organised and implemented by bit&Byte. As bit&Byte’s founder Monika Katkutė-Gelžinė explains, a wide range of skills are covered in the program: “The children learn not just to develop the newest technologies. They also use other skills necessary for successful work in technology industries: design, minute electronics, 3D, animation, virtual reality, and game development.”

Sourcery for Kids will be implemented alongside Devbridge Group’s two other educational initiatives running in Lithuania: Sourcery for Programmers and Sourcery for Testers. Six cohorts have now graduated from Sourcery for Programmers, and this is the fourth successive year the programme will be run. Sourcery for Testers is another new initiative this year focused on software testers, and will be launched internally.

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