AL-KO R&D team in Kaunas is up and running

September 19, 2018

Since February 2018 AL-KO Vehicle Technology has been operating a new location in the city of Kaunas in Lithuania. AL-KO Technology Lithuania UAB specializes in the development of electronic components for AL-KO Vehicle Technology products and equipment. In addition, the team is a service provider in the area of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for the development team in Kötz.

Currently, the team in Kaunas consists of six employees. On board are two engineers for electronics software, an electronics hardware engineer, an engineer for FEA calculation, a program manager and a managing director.

The office is located on the fourth floor of the multistorey office building near Kaunas in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone. This zone is intended for new companies and international investors to start or expand business under easier conditions, i.e., tax breaks. The AL-KO Technology Lithuania UAB team will consist of up to ten employees. As part of a project, a contract was signed with the European Social Fund to support the training of new employees.

The office in Kaunas is equipped with the most modern equipment required for the development and testing of electronic components and products. Spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, soldering stations, etc. are available.

AL-KO Technology Lithuania UAB maintains a close relationship with Kaunas Technology University, in particular with the Faculty of Electronics. Joint development projects with the university are in progress, so that AL-KO Vehicle Technology can use the best knowledge of one of Lithuania’s leading universities. In addition to this knowledge, the university can offer additional services such as PCB assembly and compliance tests for electronic hardware.

AL-KO Technology Lithuania UAB is currently looking intensively for partners for the development of mobile applications for the connectivity system AL-KO 2LINK. To this end, contracts are to be concluded in the near future. In addition, PCB manufacturers in the area of hardware production for AL-KO Vehicle Technology were inquired.

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