Investment climate
Investment climate

New relocation guide helping companies and individuals make the move to Lithuania

December 17, 2015

With four companies set to relocate to Lithuania in the near future, it’s a busy time for the team at Invest Lithuania, a foreign direct investment development agency. A new guide, published this autumn, is helping them to prepare these companies for their move; with a combined total of 150 highly-qualified professionals arriving with these companies, they will have their work cut out. Thankfully, the extensive new guide will give the new arrivals, and any prospective investors, all the information they need to help them relocate.

As Mantas Katinas, director general of Invest Lithuania, explains, the guide is intended as a comprehensive resource for prospective investors. “Both companies and private individuals are showing increased interest in the relocation opportunities Lithuania has to offer. Setting up abroad is not an easy decision to take; you have to assess the business environment and the kind of quality of life you can expect. In order to assist potential investors and highly qualified professionals, we have prepared and published a guide covering the key questions investors have relating to relocation.”

The detailed guide covers everything from the procedures for starting a business through to the commercial and residential rental market. It outlines the social and cultural attractions Lithuania has to offer, and gives a detailed description of the procedure for migration. There is also important information on healthcare, education and leisure activities for those who wish to bring family members with them.

The new guide has been welcomed by highly-skilled professionals who have already made the move to Lithuania, who believe it will help to attract more top talent from abroad. “When we moved to Lithuania we didn’t have a guide like this,” says Alexander Shvetsov, founder and CEO of the company Dropbyke. “Of course, the team at Invest Lithuania were very helpful in helping us relocate to Lithuania; yet it would have been easier still if a guide like this had existed. We are sure that it will help foreign specialists and businesses to understand the relocation procedures and to take that final decision on setting up in Lithuania,” he explained.

According to Mr Katinas, the guide is just one facet of the strategy to encourage foreign companies and professionals to relocate to Lithuania. “Every advanced economy in the world has a clear strategy on how to bring top-level professionals to their country. For example, every year tens of thousands of qualified specialists come to work for the most successful companies in Ireland. If we want to have a sustainable economy and to move to the next level, we will inevitably need to draw a clear vision for talent attraction,” Mr Katinas noted.

The Invest Lithuania guide can be downloaded here.

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