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Outsourcing was essential for Adform’s survival

November 23, 2016

Tough competition in the Danish labour market in 2006 prompted tech company Adform to open an office in Lithuania, a decision they have no regrets about.

For Danish tech company, Adform, Lithuanian labour was vital to their survival.

At the beginning of the millennium, times were hard for the software company. They were just about breaking even. And, as a newly formed IT company, like their competitors they struggled to attract the skilled labour they needed in Copenhagen. Wages were high and the competition was fierce. So, the management decided to open an office in Lithuania in 2006.

“It was crucial for us to set up an office in Lithuania,” explains Martin Stockfletch Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer of Adform. “It was an essential move. Without our people in Lithuania we would never have had the opportunity to build up the business the way we have, and in such a short time,” says Mr Stockfletch Larsen.

Today, the company has more than 450 employees in its Lithuania team and continues to grow.

220 Danish companies

“I could easily imagine that other Danish companies will experience growth and higher yields by establishing operations in Lithuania,” reflects Mr Stockfletch Larsen. “It would make good sense, both in software development, which we largely work with, but also in other industries.”

Indeed, more than 220 Danish companies make use of Lithuanian labour, and together they now employ more than 9,000 specialists, mainly within the software, shared services, life sciences, and mechanical and electrical engineering sectors.


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