Innovative US tech firm doubling personnel after completing first development stage of Vilnius office

March 07, 2016

Having completed the first stage of it development in Lithuania, innovative US technology company Revel Systems is now planning to double its personnel numbers in 2016. The rapidly growing company, which develops cloud-based payment solutions for customers worldwide, currently employs 100 IT and customer service specialists in its Vilnius office, which started operations last September. This year, alongside doubling its staff levels to 200, the Vilnius office will also be responsible for coordinating the establishment of Revel Systems teams in Estonia, Poland and Scandinavia.

When the €500 million company commenced operations in Lithuania last September, it became the first provider of cloud-based point of sale solutions for the Horeca sector (hotels, restaurants and cafes). Since then, Revel’s Lithuanian team has gone from strength to strength. “The launch of the company in Lithuania was successful,” explains Tadas Vizgirda, manager of Revel Systems for the Baltics. “We have already doubled our goals. We managed to set up strong teams of managers, engineers and client service specialists in a particularly competitive market. The company’s founders have stressed that they value highly the skills the Lithuanian team has to offer. Our engineers improve and develop the main products of the company, and our customer service  specialists follow international best practice,” stated Mr Vizgirda.

And 2016 is proving to be an equally busy year, according to Mr Vizgirda, particularly because the Vilnius office has been tasked with rolling out the company’s presence in the region. “Having considered the expansion here successful,” explains Mr Vizgirda, “the management have entrusted the Lithuanian office with coordinating and organising the development of Revel Systems in neighbouring markets. We are now taking our first steps in Estonia, Poland and Scandinavia. For this reason, we will also be expanding our team considerably”.

Top international talent

One of the key factors in the success of Revel’s Vilnius office has been the team’s ability to attract top foreign talent. According to Mr Vizgirda, the rapid development of the company’s presence in Vilnius prompted it to look for staff in other cities and abroad. “At present, foreigners account for around 10 per cent of the Lithuanian team. Most of our team works in the international customer service centre, which provides services to our clients worldwide. This is certainly not a typical service centre as it performs many global functions for the entire Revel group; our specialists are particularly active in planning, development and other core company procedures.”

As part of its current recruitment drive, the company is also actively looking for experienced Python and OS engineers, who play a major role in developing and improving the company’s products.

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