Charlie Oscar announces Gremlins, Inc., developed in Vilnius

July 24, 2015

Independent game developer Charlie Oscar is pleased to announce to the world its two upcoming games of strategy and malice: Gremlins, Inc. the video game (Win/Mac, EN/DE/FR/ES/RU, Steam/GOG) and Gremlins, Inc. the card game (129 cards and a rule book, EN, Amazon).

Would you like to arrest your best friends, steal their money and, through a fortunate meeting with a famous politician, receive enough votes to be elected as the current governor, so that when your friends finally get out of jail, you’ll be able to collect bribes from them? Before, you would have to move to Ukraine or Russia to make it happen, but now you can also stay where you are and simply play Gremlins, Inc.!

Gremlins, Inc. the video game is a digital board game strategy developed on Unity 5 for Win and Mac platforms, with Early Access release in five languages expected in September 2015. In this session-based single player and multiplayer game, two to six players compete for money, political power and prestige using a deck of 150 cards to move, earn and steal resources, set traps and collect bribes, gamble and arrest other players, etc. Yaroslav Pavlyshynets, a concept artist from Kiev, created over a 130 original Steampunk illustrations for all of the cards in the game. Rolf Klischewski is responsible for the German version of the game, while Thierry Begaud works on the French edition and Josué Monchan on the Spanish.

Gremlins, Inc. the card game consists of a deck of 129 cards used by two to six players to build projects and sabotage the projects of the competitors in order to earn the highest prestige score (with the possibility of team play). While the card game is set in the world of Gremlins, Inc. and borrows its visuals from the video game, it offers an original card-specific game mechanics and does not require ownership or familiarity with the video game. The card game will be initially released in English through Amazon as well as via direct sales, and will later arrive in German, French, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian. This will be the first project in the board game space for everyone at Charlie Oscar.

Charlie Oscar was established two years ago by Sergei Klimov (the founder of Russia-based publisher Snowball Studios who later worked as bizdev with SoftClub, Larian Studios and Daedalic Entertainment) with the ambition of creating original entertainment IPs in the space of video games and board games. The studio is based in Vilnius and works with talent from Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France & Spain. It is one of the five independent development teams who recently relocated to Vilnius as a part of Lithuania’s drive to become the regional games industry hub. Gremlins, Inc. is the first project of Charlie Oscar.

The creator of the original Steampunk world of immortal and immoral corrupt capitalist gremlins of Gremlins, Inc. is Alexey Bokulev – the game designer/programmer who previously single-handedly developed Eador.

The core team behind Gremlins, Inc. consists of 1 producer, 1 game designer, 1 programmer, 1 concept artist, 1 UX developer and 1 production assistant (+ 2 shetland sheepdogs). The development started on July 1, 2013 and cost roughly $500.000 (including deferred salaries of the two founders). The game is funded with the royalties that its creators earned through previous games projects as well as with the money from the sale of their previous companies.

To find out more about Gremlins, Inc. or gamedev in Lithuania, schedule a Gamescom appointment with Sergei or Invest Lithuania team (booth A088/2.2).

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