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Recent newcomer to Lithuania, Arxan Technologies is ready to hire and educate

February 20, 2018

Arxan Technologies, a US-based cybersecurity company, which offers guarding solutions injected directly into the client’s binary code, has announced opening a new branch in Vilnius. Commonly known as Arxan, the company is seeking to employ a number of highly skilled software developers and testers. Besides creating new jobs, the company also plans to contribute to the building of Lithuania’s cybersecurity community.

“We currently have offices in the US, the UK, and Japan,” says Andrew Whaley, Arxan’s SVP Head of Engineering. “In the near future, Vilnius has the potential to become our largest software development office.”

Arxan’s office, situated in the capital’s Žvėrynas district, already employs 10 people. Several local software services companies in Vilnius and Kaunas supplement Arxan’s workforce, as the branch grows. Seeking to expand its product development team, the company plans to hire up to forty highly skilled individuals over the next two years.

Arxan Technologies is working closely with Lithuania’s education sector, offering young professionals an opportunity to get acquainted with the intricacies of cybersecurity.

“We already have two interns from Vilnius University,” notes Whaley. “With our current growth rate, we anticipate quickly needing additional interns and we’d welcome students from a variety of programmes. It comes without saying that our internships are paid.”

“Lithuania’s cybersecurity industry is young and still developing, but we already see a potential comparable to that of financial technology and artificial intelligence,” claims Lithuanian Minister of Economy Virginijus Sinkevičius. “The intention of Arxan Technologies to collaborate with the country’s universities to prepare cybersecurity professionals will allow us to strengthen the industry, which will become of critical importance at the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution – the automatization of not just production but also the service sector.”

Established in 2001, Arxan Technologies specializes in software and app security solutions. What distinguishes Arxan Technologies from competitors is the fact that the company’s guards are injected directly into the code to obfuscate, encrypt, and thwart attacks from within the app itself. Arxan Technologies has already crossed the threshold to secure more than one billion app instances around the world. The company serves clients from a wide range of industries, including banks, mobile payments, gaming and digital media.

The company’s solutions enable customers to protect their intellectual property, data, and brand, as well as to ensure their clients’ trust. Arxan’s patented technology detects and prevents attacks in real time and alerts the app owner of any such attempts.

“Our solutions support multiple devices and platforms, including iOS and Android operating systems,” says the company’s SVP. “Arxan’s Global Threat Team constantly monitors, tests and analyses applications for potential attack vectors to keep ahead of the latest threats, and this activity is directly fed into developments and updates for Arxan’s solutions.”

To strengthen its position on the mobile app security market, Arxan Technologies acquired Mobile Application Management (MAM) leader Apperian in 2017.

Having initiated the first cybersecurity hackathon in Lithuania, Arxan Technologies vests high hopes in the development of the country’s cybersecurity sector. On February 23, the event taking place at Vilnius Tech Park, a technology startup park, will bring together programmers, cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts. Attendees will hear presentations by representatives of Arxan Technologies and other Lithuania-based cybersecurity firms – NRD Security, CUJO AI and ReachSEC. The organizers invite participants to bring their laptops and, during the event, show off programming and cryptography skills in a Capture the Flag competition.

“We are pleased that Lithuania is becoming a more attractive place for seasoned cybersecurity companies, as well as newcomers,” says Mantas Katinas, Managing Director of Foreign Direct Investment and Business Development agency Invest Lithuania. “Hopefully, public cybersecurity events will encourage more young people to become interested in this technology.”

Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has its headquarters in San Francisco. The company’s offices in the US, Asia, and Europe currently employ over 200 people.

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