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Explore: Lithuania’s Biotech Industry Explore: Lithuania’s Biotech Industry
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Explore: Lithuania’s Biotech Industry Explore: Lithuania’s Biotech Industry
  • Key areas of focus
  • Why Lithuania
  • Already here
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Lithuania stands at the forefront of biotechnology innovation with a rich 50-year history and cutting-edge advancements in precision medicine, biomanufacturing, and more. The country’s integrated network of science valleys and educational institutions fuels a rapidly growing ecosystem, making Lithuania a strategic location for biotech investments.

  • R&D spending intensity
    among OECD countries for biotechnology R&D spending intensity (as % of value added)
    Source: Labiotech, 2024
  • Exports
    of all pharmaceutical and healthcare products manufactured in Lithuania are exported, with products going to over 100 countries
    Source: Innovation Agency Lithuania, 2023
  • GDP is generated by the Life Sciences sector
    of Lithuania‘s GDP is generated by the Life Sciences sector
    Source: LithuaniaBIO, 2023

Key Areas of Focus
in Lithuanian Biotechnology

Personalized Medicine

Cell and gene therapies
Health Data Infrastructure

Cell and Gene Therapies

Lithuania is a recognized leader in cell and gene therapies, with significant contributions to global scientific research, including partnerships with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and achievements such as the Kavli Prize in the CRISPR-Cas9 field. The country’s robust R&D environment supports the next generation of advanced therapeutics.

Health Data

Lithuania’s burgeoning tech sector is propelling forward AI-driven healthcare solutions, backed by a remarkable ICT talent pool and comprehensive, readily available health data for research and industry applications. As one of the first countries to establish a one-stop-shop data agency, Lithuania offers private companies streamlined access to centralized, high-quality health data for secondary use. Lithuania offers private companies streamlined access to centralized, high-quality health data for secondary use. Electronic health records system was developed 20 years ago and is aligned with European Health Data Space (EHDS) framework, adhering to the HL7 FHIR and SNOMED CT standards.


Biologics Key local industry players
AgTech and Novel Food Key local industry players
Industrial Biotechnology Key local industry players


Home to leading biotech companies, including global giants like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Teva, Lithuania excels in biologics and personalized medicine. The upcoming BioCity campus, Europe’s largest biotech hub with a planned investment of 7 billion euros, is set to revolutionize the sector with state-of-the-art facilities, including those for cell and gene manufacturing and 3D bioprinting.

AgTech and Novel Food

Building on a strong agricultural heritage, Lithuania is pioneering sustainable and innovative farming and novel food production techniques. The rise of alternative protein sources, vertical farming, and functional food underscores the country’s commitment to eco-friendly and efficient food supply chains.

Industrial Biotechnology

Lithuania holds a unique position in synthetic biology, driving transformative advancements in the industrial manufacturing sector. This expertise facilitates the production of diverse biomaterials, including enzymes and amino acids, catering to industries such as chemicals, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), cosmetics, and materials. By prioritizing advanced fermentation technologies, Lithuania lays a strong foundation for businesses eager to leverage biological science for sustainable progress. For companies like Roquette, the availability of diverse raw materials has enabled significant expansion of their product range and business growth.

Why Invest in Lithuania’s
Biotechnology Industry?

Skilled and Innovative Workforce Life sciences illustration

Skilled and Innovative Workforce

Lithuania boasts one of the highest rates of STEM graduates in Europe, with a significant focus on biotechnology and biomedical sciences. The country’s education system is closely aligned with industry needs, ensuring a steady supply of highly skilled professionals. Lithuanian teams have excelled in the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition, achieving 2 Grand Prixs and securing all gold medals since their first participation in 2015.

  • Educated population
    1st in the EU
    The most educated population in the EU, with the highest percentage having completed at least upper secondary education
    Source: Eurostat, 2023
  • Women in science and tech
    1st in the EU
    The largest share of women in science and tech in the EU
    Source: Eurostat, 2022
  • Life sciences study programs
    Higher education institutions offering Life Sciences-related programmes
    Source: National Agency for Education, 2024
Unparalleled Governmental Support and Financial Incentives in Lithuania illustration

Lithuanian Government Support and Strategic Initiatives

Recognized as a priority industry, biotechnology benefits from significant government support, including incentives for R&D and streamlined regulatory processes. Lithuania’s national biotechnology strategy aims to double the sector’s contribution to the GDP by 2030.

  • EMA regulations apply
    European Medicines Agency regulations apply
  • FDA Mutual Recognition Agreement
    Mutual Recognition Agreement with the US FDA
  • GDP is generated by the Life Sciences sector copy 3
    Hospital exemptions for administering ATMPs in clinical trials (in case of high unmet medical need)

Integrated Value Chain

Lithuania offers comprehensive support across the entire biotech value chain.

Cost-Effective European Hub

Offering competitive costs compared to Western Europe, Lithuania provides a cost-effective base with access to high-quality talent and advanced technologies, making it an attractive location for biotechnology firms.

  • Annual labour costs at a Biotech facility in Europe


    Source: fDi Benchmark by FT, 2024
  • Annual labour costs at a Biotech facility Worldwide


    Source: fDi Benchmark by FT, 2024

Biotechnology Companies in Lithuania

Local innovators:

  • Caszyme

    Founded by Professor V. Šikšnys, winner of the Kavli Prize, Caszyme provides CRISPR-Cas9 applications for various companies in the US and Asia.

  • Biomatter

    Biomatter work at the intersection of synthetic biology and AI, developing technologies for generative protein design and experimental tools for the collection of biological data.

  • Droplet Genomics

    Droplet Genomics designs microfluidic instruments, consumables, and data analysis tools, which allow biological samples to be analyzed at the granularity of single cells.

  • Nando

    Focused on AgTech, Nando is developing high-value microbiological products and chemical additives, offering sustainable alternatives to traditional products.

  • Northway biotech

    With extensive expertise in drug substance and drug product development, as well as GMP-compliant manufacturing, Northway is well-versed in all aspects of the biopharmaceutical value chain.

  • Biomapas

    A one-stop-shop clinical research organization operating in Europe, CIS, EAEU, MENA, LATAM and the US, Biomapas caters to biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

  • Auga Group

    Auga Group specializes in sustainable agriculture, from organic produce and feedstock to innovative agriculture machinery.

  • Divaks

    Committed to circularity, and sustainable processes, Divaks creates high-quality insect-derived ingredients, primarily proteins and oils.

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