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Dutch developer of high-end electronics Sintecs chooses Vilnius for R&D

January 27, 2021

Sintecs, a reputed Dutch electronics design company decided to open a R&D base in Vilnius. The company is looking to hire a developed engineering team that would allow delivering complex technical projects using in-house capacity.

Before establishing Sintecs in 2000, its founder Hans Klos had worked as a consultant and analyst of high-speed electronic products, amassing a wealth of experience cooperating with European electronics giants such as Alcatel, ASML, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Philips, Siemens, TI, and others. As the founder’s area of expertise was signal integrity, the company’s name, Sintecs, stands for Signal Integrity Consultancy Services.

Since then, the company has grown to more than 60 employees at offices in the Netherlands and Belarus. The company’s areas of expertise have also expanded. Sintecs has become a leading provider of services in high-end multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) design and Signal Integrity analysis, which allows creating errorless PCB designs with high-speed interfaces. The company’s cybersecurity expertise was internationally recognised in 2019 at CES, where a high-grade personal security router Scalys TrustBOX, developed by Sintecs in partnership with Microsoft and NXP, won The Best of Innovation award in the Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy category.

Sintecs has been considering the Baltic market as a location for growth since 2018. “Sintecs recognised the region’s rapid development in the IT field, noting an increasing number of companies opening their offices here. The Baltic states have developed education systems and a solid European mentality,” explains Pavel Yankovich, Operating Officer at Sintecs Vilnius office. Existing successful cooperation experience with a number of local companies only cemented the company’s decision to open an office in the Baltics.

When selecting the country for the new office, Sintecs considered the entire Baltic region, including Poland. Yankovich cites the ease of doing business, the maturity of the IT environment, the cost of living for employees, and the level of technical education and language skills as the decisive factors in the selection process. In the end, Vilnius was chosen as the optimal location for the office.

Sintecs will be developing the Baltic office in Lithuania in several directions. “We are looking forward to building partnerships with the local IT community and partnering with local PCB manufacturers and assemblers,” says Yankovich. R&D specialisations at the company’s Vilnius office will include PCB design, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Analysis, Cybersecurity and Embedded Software Design, as well as Electronic Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) component library engineering.

Sintecs expects that up to 25-50 people will begin working at the company’s Vilnius office over the next couple of years. The company is seeking to hire senior and mid-level developers but is also looking to foster professionals out of junior engineers and graduates.

Having established partnerships with universities in the Netherlands, the company is also considering partnering with Lithuanian universities for teaching and undergraduate training.

“While the speed of our expansion will depend on many factors, we are eager to grow our team in Lithuania over time,” says Pavel Yankovich. “After a period of getting acquainted, it would be great to dive into the local community and collaborate on shared projects.”

“Lithuania’s reliable IT infrastructure and steady pipeline of ICT professionals makes Vilnius an ideal place for Sintecs to develop various R&D functions,” says Mantas Katinas, Managing Director of Invest Lithuania. “Ranked 4th in the world in the Global Cybersecurity Index, Lithuania is committed to developing safe and secure cyberspace. Companies that contribute to cybersecurity solutions, such as Sintecs, are a great addition to the country’s  tight-knit innovation ecosystem.”

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