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GlobalHRU Relocates to Vilnius, Lithuania

May 14, 2015

One of the fastest growing Human Resources-focused event and learning companies, GlobalHRU, announces the transfer of all operations to Vilnius, Lithuania.

GlobalHRU, owner and operator of global event concepts #HRU and HRTechTank, is moving to Lithuania, where it will centralize its technology development and event management  teams. The consolidated teams will launch the development of a social learning platform for human resources professionals and support GlobalHRU’s growing events operations. GlobalHRU’s Vilnius headquarters will be responsible for all back office operations, marketing, partnerships and technology.

[quote text=”The reason for selecting Vilnius as our main global operations and R&D center is based on its favorable local business environment and the availability of an outstanding talent pool.” name_surname=”Taras Polischuk” description=”Business Development Director of GlobalHRU”]

GlobalHRU is building a social learning platform to capture communication that is taking place at its events. This will facilitate informal learning and connect human resources professionals with relevant expertise all over the world. The platform will become a universal tool for human resources professionals as a comprehensive database of the most innovative ideas and solutions brought forward by practitioners and vendors of cutting-edge technologies.

To support global growth and human resources community awareness, GlobalHRU will also continue expanding the scale and geographic scope of its #HRU and HRTechTank events.

#HRU is an event series for human resources practitioners and recruiters to share practical cases, meet vendors, and discuss tools, techniques and innovations in the industry. The format is optimized for individual interaction and a high level of engagement. Hence, the number of attendees is limited to 120, and sessions are more akin to lively discussions than the extended keynote talks common at other industry events.

HRTechTank events primarily target human resources technology startups and investors. The purpose of HRTechTank is to connect, educate and promote innovations in the Human Resource Management and recruitment software space. HRTechTank brings together HR thought leaders, early adopters and investors to share expertise with the most promising human resources tech companies.

“The reason for selecting Vilnius as our main global operations and R&D center is based on its favorable local business environment and the availability of an outstanding talent pool for well educated and highly motivated young professionals in both business and technology field,” says Taras Polischuk, Business Development Director at GlobalHRU. “In the upcoming months we plan to significantly expand our team here in Vilnius, so If you are interested in a career in a growing company that has global impact, let’s get in touch!”

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