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New Kitron’s engineering centre in Lithuania to play key role in product development

February 04, 2015

State of the art equipment is currently being installed in Kitron’s newly completed engineering services centre in Kaunas, Lithuania. The Norwegian capital company, which specialises in electronic manufacturing services, believes the new equipment will help it make the qualitative step up from producer to developer.

At the new unit, which is due to begin operation in May, skilled engineers will develop prototypes and products, as well as supervising product design and component engineering. They will also create testing equipment and carry out project management services. Once opened, the facility will play a key role in producing high quality electronic boards, modules, and control units for the company’s customers in the telecommunications, medical, aerospace and military industries, the largest of which are Volvo Construction, Kollmorgen and Bombardier.

[quote text=”So far we are the only manufacturers who produce prototypes. Starting from the spring, we will also be developers of products.” name_surname=”Mindaugas Šeštokas” description=”General manager of Kitron”]

One of the key technologies, a computerised surface-mount line, is currently being installed in the 5,000 square metre facility. And more equipment is going to be installed in the future, taking the total investment cost for the construction of the plant and the purchase of equipment to EUR 7.24 million.

Mindaugas Šeštokas, general manager of Kitron, said that the main advantage of the new engineering services centre is that it will not only be involved in manufacturing, but will also be developing new products.

“So far we are the only manufacturers who produce prototypes. Starting from the spring, we will also be developers of products. This is an important qualitative step for our company – as developers and manufacturers of electronic equipment we’ll be more attractive”, Mr Šeštokas said.

The Kitron ASA company group has electronic equipment plants in China, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the USA. Until now, only the facilities in Sweden and Norway have been able to undertake the complete production process on site. Once completed, the new engineering centre in Kaunas will also have this capacity.

Kitron has been operating in Kaunas for 20 years, and employs 420 staff at its plants in Kaunas and nearby Užliedžiai (Kaunas District). The opening of the engineering services centre will create a significant number of employment opportunities for skilled engineers and technicians.

This year, Kitron allocated about EUR 1 million towards the upgrading of production equipment, a similar amount to previous years.  And Mr Šeštokas notes that strong growth is expected by the company in the coming year.“Last year, we increased revenues by 15% and expect similar growth this year. Our international sales division is looking for new orders in Germany, one of Europe’s largest electronic product markets, which may also increase our volumes. Our regular customers are also growing and increasing the numbers of orders”.

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