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Adform’s Lithuanian offices recruiting IT developers thanks to new investment

January 29, 2016

As part of an expansion drive which will see it double its team of IT specialists this year, Danish capital company Adform is recruiting skilled developers for its offices in Vilnius and Kaunas. The expansion comes thanks to a $21.25 million investment from the Scandinavian pension fund Danica, aimed at enabling the company to expand to new markets and increase its staff numbers.

Adform, which specialises in digital advertising technologies, will also use the new funding to continue developing its digital advertising platform, along with software to automate its purchase, analysis and optimisation processes. To do this, it is recruiting programmers, researchers and analysts across its international offices.

Whilst Adform’s offices in London, Copenhagen and Warsaw will be adding research and data analysis specialists, the bulk of the new software developers will be joining the Lithuanian teams, and those in Warsaw and Minsk.

When presenting the new development plans, Adform’s Technology Expansion Lead, Dainius Kniukšta, stressed that every office will see significant growth in personnel levels. “We have some ambitious business expansion plans this year,” he explained. “We chose to expand the existing offices instead of opening new ones. We have no strict plans on the exact number of employees we will take on in each office. However, our target is to find between 30 and 60 new employees for each office.”

Mr Kniukšta also confirmed that recruitment is already underway. Currently, Adform is advertising 20 open positions for programmers, and more than 10 positions for customer service, marketing and administration specialists in Lithuania.

Adform are keen to recruit experienced developers in this phase, and have also created some exciting roles for new talents, as Mr Kniukšta explained when asked about the level of programmers the company is looking for. He is also confident that finding the right talent will be straightforward in Lithuania. “We don’t see any major difficulties in terms of looking for IT specialists. We don’t think there will be any, as every country has highly competent, skilled IT specialists. We can attract their interest by offering them engaging work activities and new career and development opportunities, and by giving a good balance between work and free time,” he said.

Creating a transparent advertising market

Adform’s mission is to create an independent and transparent digital advertising platform, and its new recruits will play a key role in that project. As Jakob Bak, one of the company’s founders and its Chief Technical Officer, explained, to achieve this goal they must focus on innovation. “From the very beginning, Adform has focused on innovation and has continuously developed new possibilities and functions for its platform. Our capacity to develop innovations depends on our teams of innovators, programmers and researchers. It is these specialists, not machines and technologies, that determine our continuous success. We are especially eager to take advantage of our impressive achievements over the last 18 months and to offer the digital advertising market what it needs most, which is an end to closed ecosystems and the creation of transparent media planning processes,” said Mr Bak.

Source: Verslo žinios

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