Lithuanian IT team to develop global retail solutions to be used by millions

April 01, 2016

Retail technology solutions provider StrongPoint has announced a two phase expansion of its Lithuanian operations, aimed at strengthening its international technology creation and development division. The Norwegian-capital company is already recruiting up to a dozen top IT experts as part of phase one, with further plans to attract even more programmers and IT specialists in the second half of the year. This will be the largest expansion in the Lithuanian retail technology solutions market in eight years.

According to Evaldas Budvilatis, manager of StrongPoint’s international technology creation and development division, the new recruits will be working on development tasks within the StrongPoint Group. Amongst other services, the StrongPoint Group provides retail technology solutions for shopping centres in various countries, which combined are used by millions of shoppers. Programmers in the Vilnius team will create and test retail technologies for these centres. Furthermore, a mobile team will be formed from current and new employees to provide consultancy and product maintenance services to retail business giants across Europe.

For Mr Budvilaitis, this latest step by the Norway-based company to actively expand its IT team in Lithuania is a testament to how highly-valued their Lithuanian specialists are. “This shows that the IT specialists available in Lithuania are treated as employees with world class skills”, Mr Budvilaitis said.

Mr Budvilaitis further notes that the retail technology solutions market presents a complex challenge for IT experts. Not only do they need high-level programming knowledge, but they also need specific knowledge of retail business processes and the latest technological solutions that are being used in this industry. In this sense, the industry offers the chance to develop creative solutions. Furthermore, projects in this area are implemented from start to finish, with clear results evident, so developers are not just small cogs in a big machine.

StrongPoint will carry out its second phase of expansion in the second half of this year. During the first phase, which has already started, the company is looking to recruit a dozen top IT specialists, and in the subsequent stage it will supplement this team with more top programmers and technicians. “The retail business technology market is a niche market, so such a large-scale expansion in this market in Lithuania over a period of eight years can be considered a record. We hope that in the future our specialists will continue to be treated as professionals with exceptional competences who are capable of implementing global projects successfully,” Mr Budvilaitis said.

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