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Danish DOVISTA to further invest in Marijampole factory

January 26, 2022

The manufacturer of vertical windows and exterior doors, DOVISTA, announced further investments in their factory in the Marijampole free economic zone (FEZ).

The Construction of the DOVISTA factory in Marijampole started in 2017. A year and a half later, production activities began and since the factory’s output has increased, now totalling around 200,000 pcs. The anticipation of further growth follows the recent acquisitions in Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Poland.

“We are always excited to see progressive and modern manufacturing companies expand. DOVISTA is a great example of a socially responsible employer, and we are happy to see their business grow”, remarked Elijus Čivilis, General Manager of Invest Lithuania, upon hearing the news.

The factory employs around 340 people from Marijampole and the surrounding cities. An addition of up to 250 employees will join DOVISTA in Marijampole when the project of consolidating a product platform concludes. The DOVISTA factory in Marijampole offers competitive working conditions as part of an international group in an industry beneficial for society.

I am excited about the prospects of consolidating product expertise, technology, and manufacturing in a modern production site like the one we have in Marijampole. The opportunities it brings for optimised capacity utilisation and for building a product Centre of Excellence will benefit the local team and bring robustness and an even better flow for this particular product platform.
Michael Hassø Larsen, COO of DOVISTA

The planned investments of 5,5 million EUR include upgrading current equipment and machinery and investing in new equipment and processes. These upgrades will extend production capabilities and introduce new products and features. Investments will also be directed to existing buildings with a total area of 22,800 m2.

After implementation, the factory capacity is expected to reach more than 200,000 pcs per year. “In other words”, Karolis Jonaitis, Managing Director, said, “about the same amount per year as our total output until now, and with the capacity to expand further according to demand.” The ramp-up time is expected to last 14-16 months, and tactical and operational elements are in the projecting and planning phase. Before starting up the additional employees’ recruitment, onboarding, and training, key elements must be in place.

Vertical Windows and exterior doors manufactured in Marijampole are used in new building constructions across the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.


DOVISTA was founded In 2004. It is a group of 14 distinctive brands that manufacture and market vertical windows and exterior doors. Together we are more than 7,500 employees across 10 European countries. As a group, we represent more than 750 years of experience within manufacturing vertical windows and exterior doors made from wood and wood/aluminium, PVC, PVC/aluminium and Aluminium. Our brands are Dobroplast (PL), EgoKiefer (CH), KRONE (DK), Lian (NO), Mockfjärds (SE), Natre (NO), OH Industri (DK), Rationel (DK), Slovaktual (SL), SP Fönster (SE), Traryd Fönster (SE), VELFAC (DK), Wertbau (DE), and Weru (DE). Our core markets are Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the UK, Sweden and Switzerland, and we have production sites in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden. DOVISTA is headquartered in Horsens, Denmark and is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company with a non-profit, charitable foundation as its largest shareholder.

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