Lab-H9 Announces Expansion to Lithuania: Bringing AI Innovation to New Horizons

May 15, 2024

In partnership with IT company Be Smart, the Italian private venture capital fund Mirai has established Lab-H9, an IT innovation hub, in Lithuania. Recently, the firm opened its headquarters in Vilnius and plans to expand operations to Kaunas. It aims to hire up to 40 specialists over three years who will contribute to developing and providing innovative products and services across various sectors. 

Lab-H9 in Lithuania will develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions intended for thorough testing in the Lithuanian education system, with plans for subsequent expansion across the EU. The company seeks to unify all systems used by educational institutions into a single, optimally functioning platform. 

While maintaining a strong focus on educational technology (EdTech), Lab-H9 is pivoting to encompass more B2B and B2C solutions. The company’s investments in the Smart Manufacturing industry, managed through its Lithuanian headquarters, aim to integrate technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Large Language Models (LLM), IoT, Cloud Computing, and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). This integration seeks to support a 40% reduction in company waste and unplanned downtimes, while boosting productivity and energy savings for more sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient factories. 

The decision to establish Lab-H9 in Lithuania was driven by the country’s high-quality IT landscape, particularly its technological expertise, business-friendly environment, and well-balanced lifestyle. Vilnius was chosen over Tallinn due to these compelling attributes.  

The genesis of our company occurred over seafood pasta at a restaurant in Rome, where my partner Marco Aveta and I would meet every Wednesday to explore new business avenues. Everything changed last summer following his visit to Vilnius, which he admired so much that he sent a decisive message to our team: 'We must establish here; I am staying'
Fabio Farella, co-founder of Lab-H9

“The success of our business will hinge on the talent we find in Lithuania. We are actively hiring and seeking dozens of diverse, AI-savvy programmers to foster their growth through our training academy,” says F. Farella, emphasizing that the company has already begun actively recruiting. 

Elijus Čivilis, CEO of Invest Lithuania, views the establishment of Lab-H9 as a testament to the growth and flourishing of the national IT sector.


With the arrival of Lab-H9, Lithuania is steadily becoming a hub for AI-powered IT services, joining the ranks of leading companies like Devbridge, Accenture, and NFQ that provide advanced IT solutions.
Elijus Čivilis, CEO of Invest Lithuania
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