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Uber to double its IT development team in Lithuania

April 18, 2016

Uber, the globally renowned ride-sharing company, has announced plans to double its IT development team in Vilnius by the end of the year. The company, founded just seven years ago and already worth an estimated $50 billion, established an IT centre in Lithuania one year ago.

Currently employing 20 IT specialists, Uber’s Lithuanian branch is set to double in size this year due to the company’s rapid development, and the Vilnius team have already moved to a new office in preparation for the expansion.  According to Enn Metsar, a representative of Uber Lithuania Software and Development, the company aims to recruit a further 20 top specialists in Lithuania.

Mr Metsar explained that the IT office in Vilnius grew organically, thanks to the presence of skilled IT developers in the city. “We run IT centres throughout the world, the largest of course in San Francisco, but we also have IT centres in Bulgaria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Lithuania. The first employees were hired a couple of years ago, when they mentioned that they would prefer to stay in Vilnius. We were attracting increasingly more people, and eventually opened a new IT branch,” stated Mr Metsar.

He also pointed out that Uber’s team in Vilnius does not provide service support, but rather creates and develops solutions for the ride-sharing service, which is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world. “We are still looking for the best specialists,” Mr Metsar continued. “As we have been very successful so far, we will be continuing with our search for more people.”

And whilst acknowledging that competition for highly qualified IT specialists is increasing (a phenomenon that is happening across the globe), Mr Metsar emphasised that prospective employees tend to choose Uber because of the challenges and opportunities that the company can offer its staff.

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