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Devbridge Group to hire 50 more IT specialists

May 18, 2015

Devbridge Group, which develops IT solutions for the North American market, announced on Wednesday their intention to employ 50 more IT specialists in Lithuania. It is planned that the majority of the new employees will work in Vilnius.

After opening a new division in Vilnius and doubling its office space in Kaunas last year, the company plans to increase the number of staff in Lithuania from 100 to 150 this year.

“We currently have the largest number of strong applicants in Vilnius. It is likely that in the nearest future growth will occur in Vilnius, while at the end of the year we will add the candidates from our Sourcery Academy too,” Viktoras Gurgždys, a vice-president at Devbridge Group and the head of the Lithuanian division, told VŽ. “Similarly, in the course of the year the Kaunas team will also grow organically.”

The office opened in Vilnius last year is the third Devbridge Group office. At present, more than 130 people work at the company’s headquarters in Chicago and its offices in Lithuania. The company mostly works with companies in the USA and Canada operating in the fields of financial services, production, and technology.

Over the first quarter of the year, Devbridge Group earned 2.317 million US dollars, representing an increase of 48.5% compared to the same period last year (1.561 million US dollars). Over the entire year of 2014, the company earned 7.38 million US dollars in revenue (78% more than in 2013). The company does not publicise its profits or separate financial data for the Lithuanian division.

“In Kaunas and Vilnius, we have managed to recruit the most talented programmers, who create high added value for our customers. Companies in the USA trust the competence and quality of work of our programmers. As a result, we keep getting new and bigger orders,” Mr Gurgždys said.

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