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Investment climate

CNN: „Vilnius – One of Eastern Europe’s most upwardly mobile hubs”

January 16, 2015

CNN’s Smart Business has acknowledged Vilnius as one of the Smart Cities of the next generation along with cities in UAE, Malta, Quatar, Mexico and Colombia.

‘One of Eastern Europe’s most upwardly mobile hubs benefits from one of the fastest Internet connections in the world, and recently received an IBM grant as part of the ‘Smart Vilnius’ project. This is earmarked for upgrading transport and its management, as well the development of data-based infrastructure. A new tech park for gaming, big data, and cyber security companies will press its credentials further’, Smart Business described the Lithuanian capital.

Industrial analysts IHS claim predict there will be 88 cities that fit the description of Smart city by 2025, up from 21 today, taking in contenders far from the usual suspects of Vancouver and Barcelona. These dynamic new players hope to redraw the map.

The list of the Smart Cities of the next generation also includes:

Bogota (Colombia);
Masdar (UAE);
Akra (Ghana);
Yachay (Equador);
Gvadelachara (Mexico);
Dholera (India);
Lima (Peru);
Lusail (Quatar);
Kalkara (Malta).


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