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Explore: Cybersecurity in Lithuania Explore: Cybersecurity in Lithuania
  • Strategic advantages of the sector
  • Why Lithuania
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Explore: Cybersecurity in Lithuania Explore: Cybersecurity in Lithuania
  • Strategic advantages of the sector
  • Why Lithuania
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Lithuania offers a comprehensive and agile response to global digital threats. Our top-level network security engineers, cyber experts, internationally experienced compliance professionals, reliable infrastructure, and strategic initiatives place us at the forefront of digital defence technology.

Strategic Advantages of
Lithuania’s Cybersecurity Sector

Global Recognition and Advanced Ecosystem illustration

Global Recognition and Advanced Ecosystem

Lithuania’s cybersecurity capabilities are underpinned by state-of-the-art digital infrastructure and a world-class IT workforce, making it an ideal location for cybersecurity investments.

  • Cybersecurity Index
    in the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index
    Source: International Telecommunication Union, 2020
  • Cybersecurity ranking Vilnius g
    Vilnius is the best city in the EU for cybersecurity
    Source: StartupBlink, 2024
  • Cybersecurity functions
    of Lithuania-based GBS centers perform cybersecurity functions, including Moody’s, Nasdaq and others
    Source: Invest Lithuania survey, 2023
Public and Private Sector Synergy illustration

Public and Private Sector Synergy

Lithuania fosters a collaborative environment that enhances our cybersecurity offerings, from enterprise solutions to national defense.

Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions illustration

Innovative Cybersecurity Companies

Home to leading cybersecurity firms, including, Cujo AI and home-grown unicorn Nord Security, and with a focus on cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, Lithuania is at the leading edge of cybersecurity innovation.

  • Nord Security logo

    Lithuania’s 2nd unicorn and the largest locally-grown tech company, Nord Security is one of the world’s leading providers of digital security and privacy solutions for businesses and individuals. Their award-winning products include NordVPN, NordLayer, NordPass, NordLocker, and others.

  • Surfshark logo

    Surfshark is a fast-growing cybersecurity company focused on developing humanized privacy and security protection solutions. Its core product is one of the top 3 VPNs globally, trusted by millions of users around the world.

  • NRD Cyber Security logo

    NRD Cyber Security is a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response, and applied research company with projects in more than 50 countries around the world.

Why Invest in Lithuania’s
Cybersecurity Industry?

Leadership in Cybersecurity

Efficient National Cybersecurity Model illustration
Participation in International Initiatives illustration
Dynamic Cybersecurity Community illustration
Dedicated Cybersecurity Investment illustration

Efficient National Cybersecurity Model

Lithuania offers a functioning national cybersecurity model led by the Ministry of Defense, tailored to protect all critical sectors. A proactive approach with a dedicated National Cybersecurity Centre provides quick decision-making and response capabilities.

Participation in International Initiatives

Lithuania leads initiatives like the Cyber Rapid Response Teams and the Regional Cyber Defense Centre, which aim to support EU Member States, partners, institutions, and common security policy missions.

Dynamic Cybersecurity Community

From Cyber City, Lithuania’s leading tech campus and home to Nord Security, to initiatives like Women4Cyber, the country’s growing cybersecurity community fosters inclusivity and collaboration that boost the local innovation environment.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Investment

Lithuania established ScaleWolf, the first of its kind venture capital fund and technology accelerator program focusing on dual use technologies. The fund manages EUR 13.5M dedicated to fostering innovations in cybersecurity and defence.

Tech savvy talent pool illustration

Tech-savvy talent pool

Supported by educational institutions and a proactive community of cyber experts, Lithuania nurtures a diverse and multilingual tech talent pool ready to address the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow.

  • Digital skill availability w
    1st globally
    for the availability of digital skills
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2023
  • Mobile app creation w
    in mobile app creation
    Source: Global Innovation Index, 2023
  • ICT sector employees w
    employees in the ICT sector in Lithuania
    Source: Statistics Lithuania, 2023

Cyber study programmes

  • Vilnius tech logo

    MSc in Information and IT Security

  • MRU logo

    MSc in Cybersecurity Management

  • Vilnius university

    BSc in Information Systems and Cyber Security

  • KTU logo

    MSc in Information and Information Technology Security

Reliable digital infrastructure

  • AI tech w
    4th in the EU
    for enterprises using at least 2 AI technologies
    Source: Digital Economy and Society Index, 2021
  • Comms tech w
    4th place globally
    for communication technology in business
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2023
  • Internet price w
    2nd in the EU
    for fixed broadband price
    Source: Digital Economy and Society Index, 2023
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