US Window Maker INTUS to Build Additional Plant in Siauliai US Window Maker INTUS to Build Additional Plant in Siauliai

US Window Maker INTUS to Build Additional Plant in Šiauliai

July 09, 2024

INTUS Windows, an American producer of PVC windows and doors, has announced plans to construct a new production facility near its current plant in Šiauliai, Lithuania. The construction of the new 13,000 m² plant is slated to begin later this year, with an estimated operational start in mid-2025. The new facility will employ an additional 150 specialists. 

INTUS Windows was established in the US in 2010 by two Lithuanian expatriates. Initially, the company operated solely on the East Coast, focusing on large-scale projects such as hotels and commercial buildings. Since then, INTUS has expanded significantly, now operating in 48 states. 

To further increase its service capabilities, the company decided to establish an estimating unit in Šiauliai in 2018. A year later, INTUS set up a production plant in the Šiauliai Industrial Park, which currently employs around 400 people. 

According to Karolis Grigalius, the Managing Director of INTUS Windows LT, the new facility will enable the company to enhance its product portfolio, strengthening its presence in existing markets and exploring new ones. 

Lithuania has proven to be an excellent fit for us due to its vibrant talent pool, strategic location, and robust business environment. The decision to expand our facility here was driven by the consistent growth in demand and the need to diversify our product offerings, specifically for the US market. The Lithuanian division is pivotal in our structure, serving as a key hub for production, innovation, and export activities.
Karolis Grigalius, the Managing Director of INTUS Windows LT

As INTUS expands its operations in Lithuania, the company is looking to hire engineers, constructors, project estimators, IT developers, IT analysts, production operators, warehouse operators, and quality assurance specialists. Over the next three years, INTUS plans to increase its workforce to over 500 specialists. The new employees will not only expand the current teams but also take on new functions as the company develops and responds to market needs. 

INTUS also expects to build on its current collaborations with Kaunas University of Technology and Šiauliai College, where the company helps develop study modules and facilitate internships. The plans involve expanding joint R&D programs and educational initiatives. 

Aušrinė Armonaitė, Lithuanian Minister of the Economy and Innovation, highlights this as yet another example of how international investors can positively impact the development of local talent. 

“It’s especially great that INTUS Windows chose Šiauliai, as its base of operations. Through the years, the company has made a significant contribution to the growth of the region by creating skilled jobs and opportunities. Their expansion plans and educational partnerships will further develop local talent pools and elevate Šiauliai’s position as an innovative manufacturing hub. This exemplifies how international investors can be catalysts for regional economic progress,” she says. 

According to Elijus Čivilis, Managing Director of Invest Lithuania, INTUS Windows’ major investment to expand its Šiauliai operations is a vote of confidence in Lithuania’s manufacturing capabilities and deep reserves of technical talent: “This expansion underscores Lithuania’s lasting appeal for advanced manufacturing companies looking to grow through access to skilled workforce and robust business infrastructure. The synergy between INTUS’ window and door expertise and Šiauliai’s manufacturing DNA will be key to delivering innovative, world-class products.”

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