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TransUnion’s Kaunas team providing 24/7 global cyber security from its brand new facility

September 14, 2018

TransUnion, one of the world’s largest credit risk assessment and information solutions companies, opened its brand new premises in Kaunas this Thursday. The new 800 sq meter facility is located next to the company’s existing Kaunas office, a 2,500 sq meter premises in Žalgiris Arena. The new facility is intended for a team of Lithuanian cyber security specialists who will be continuously monitoring the online security of more than 1,200 company employees and the information systems of TransUnion’s corporate customers worldwide.

TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) has designed its new Kaunas office specifically for the proactive and continuous operation of IT security system teams. The premises has a range of technologies integrated, including smart screens which show updated critical system data, providing greater flexibility for monitoring functions. This in-house technology allows the system’s security status to be proactively monitored. As a result, security incidents can be detected much more quickly and dealt with more efficiently. TransUnion has invested over €175,000 in the premises and its systems.

“Our branch in Kaunas, which has been operating for more than 6 years, has demonstrated strong competence and expertise,” explained Jonas Lukošius, Manager of TransUnion’s Kaunas office, as he showed guests around the new premises and introduced the teams working there. “The platform monitoring teams who are working on cyber security are the only TransUnion UK teams that operate 24/7, ensuring the uninterrupted and stable operation of all systems,” continued Mr Lukošius. “The technologies on the premises enable us to deliver services to our customers even faster. This is particularly important in the context of the rapid expansion and progress of technology, and the increasing security threats that come with this.”

Amy Reichert, Political and Economic Deputy Chief of the US Embassy in Lithuania, attended the office opening and was pleased to witness another strengthening of business ties between the US and Lithuania. “We welcome every expansion of US companies in Lithuania,” she said. “We are always pleased to introduce Kaunas and its excellent IT specialists to American entrepreneurs. More and more companies are setting up here.”

Steve Humm, the Executive Director of TransUnion UK, was keen to emphasise the high esteem the Kaunas team is held in within the company. “The team in Kaunas is a very important part of TransUnion’s international operations,” he pointed out. “From the very start it has more than justified our investments, with the professionals here proving their competence and worth on a global scale. And these additional premises and technologies will provide them with even more opportunities to do this.”

For Mantas Katinas, Director General of the investment development agency Invest Lithuania, TransUnion’s decision to expand its Kaunas operations serves as further proof of the city’s growing attractiveness for international investors.

“The TransUnion success story shows that within a short period of time an international company can develop its own services centre in Kaunas, employing hundreds of specialists responsible for a wide range of functions – from customer services to software development,” said Mr Katinas. “With the help of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), the largest technology university in the Baltic States, Kaunas is becoming a universal city for foreign investors. Thanks to the widespread availability of specialists trained locally, more and more services centres oriented towards IT and financial operations are setting up operations here. Furthermore, globally renowned manufacturers are building facilities around Kaunas. The community spirit in the city, and the close collaboration between businesses, universities and colleges, and other institutions, all contribute to the continued improvement of the city’s investment environment,” Mr Katinas concluded.

Joining TransUnion UK’s management and team at the ceremony was the Mayor of Kaunas, Visvaldas Matijošaitis, who officially opened the new premises, plus guests from the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, who were introduced to the various functions of the teams and the cutting edge technologies on the premises. Actors from Kitas Kampas, an improvisational theatre company, improvised on the theme of cyber security, exploring incidents where attempts are made to deceive people or obtain information by using psychological tricks or taking advantage of people’s trustfulness.

“Enterprises may receive fabricated invoices hoping that the bookkeeping personnel will pay them,” explained Mr Lukošius on the subject of cyber security incidents and how to be protected against them. “By using spam emails or fraudulent websites, attempts may be made to extract passwords connecting to information systems and other confidential information. Attention must be drawn to such cases and employees must be trained on how to respond if they have a suspicion that a letter or a call may be doubtful. Employees also need to be made aware of the damage a business may incur as a result of frauds like this. It is also necessary to use modern technologies which are capable of stopping suspicious emails before they have even reached the recipient.”

The Kaunas division of TransUnion was previously part of UK credit company Callcredit. In June this year, Callcredit was acquired by TransUnion, one of the world’s largest credit risk assessment and information solutions companies. Founded in 1968, TransUnion is based in Chicago. The company provides consumer data analysis, risk assessment and interactive solution services. Branches of TransUnion operate in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The company currently employs over 5,100 employees.

The Kaunas division started its operations more than six years ago, and the team, which began as just a few employees, has grown to nearly 200 specialists. As the company has grown and the Kaunas team has developed a reputation for excellence, more and more functions have been transferred to Kaunas. Currently, employees in the facility are responsible for software and database development and testing, project management, IT support, software solutions in the areas of analytics and fraud prevention, data analysis, online marketing, fraud prevention, and customer services.

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