Construction permit to build „AGA“ air separation plant in Kedainiai is approved

Nov 21, 2019
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After almost a year of preparation works and negotiations, industrial and medical gas company “AGA”, a part of leading international industrial gas and engineering company “Linde”, got a permission to build an oxygen and nitrogen plant in Kedainiai Free Economic zone. The investment will reach 20 million euro and construction works will be finished by the end of next year.

„This investment demonstrates AGA‘s strong commitment to the Baltic markets – we aim to expand and strengthen our leading position in the region. Our desicion to invest in the new gas plant was taken in order to meet the growing consumer demands and offer new modern industrial gas projects for this market“, „AGA“ Baltic Region Director of Sales and Marketing Johanna Ylikoski said.

Technological solutions on this project will be provided by „Linde Engineering“ and designed by “Baltic Engineers“, which has a long-term experience in industrial designing field. Other contribuiting companies will be announced shortly.

„We were looking for a territory for this plant for several months. Decision to choose Kedainiai Free Economic zone was made because of good geographic location, suitable infrastructure and successuful negotiations. We are grateful for the smooth and pleasant cooperation and all the support we received“,Baltic Region Director of Business Development Dalius Klyvis told.

He has no doubts that the new air separation plant built closer to their customers will lead to lower transportation costs and improved time in providing services. Contribution to the positive environmental effect is also a huge advantage.

The new plant will be built in 1 hectare territory. Company is planning to build an administrative building, a compressed air plant, a rectifying column, nitrogen and oxygen tanks, cistern filling stations and other technological equipment.

The total air separation plant complex area will be 1200 square metres (m²) size. The compressed air plant will be 290 m² size and the administrative building will be 90 m² size.

Most of the complex processes at the plant will be automated. Employees will be responsible for taking care of installed systems based on new technologies. The most modern safety standards will be adapted, meeting the standarts of the best international practises.

„New „AGA“ air separation plant complex is a great future construction example with modern and fully automated processes. We are very positive about the attention we receive from international investors. More and more global companies appreciate our region strenghts and decide to start or expand their bussiness here“, “Invest Lithuania“ General Manager Mantas Katinas said.

This project will be the second “AGA” air separation plant in the Baltic countries. The first plant has started its operation in Latvia12 years ago.

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