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Oct 24, 2016
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Aren’t promotional events great? 50 keen potential investors, all in one room, and all listening to your impeccable presentation on all the amazing reasons why your location is perfect for them. The ideal promotion opportunity, right?

Or maybe not. Although they are undoubtedly good for raising the profile of your location, big events rarely yield concrete leads. Here’s why.

Usually we organised events through consultancies, and their main performance indicator was always attendance. From their perspective, the higher the attendance was, the better the event. So they always pushed hard to get people to your event. But who were those people? Usually they weren’t the ones you needed to connect with.

For one of our promotion campaigns in the UK we decided on a different tactic; a ‘small is beautiful’ approach. With a British consultant who works in the Baltics, we came up with a programme of 4 small events in different locations around the UK. For each event, we were aiming for 5 to 7 people. But those people should be genuinely interested potential investors, not just bums on seats. And with such a small group, we reasoned, we could make lasting personal connections.

Charles worked through the UK press to advertise and promote these events. And, as we had hoped, we forged much stronger connections than large scale events would have allowed, plus we uncovered some promising leads.

But the one company we actually secured a project with didn’t even attend one of the events.

Callcredit, a UK-based direct marketing and credit solutions company, had heard about our event in Leeds in the north of England, and were really keen to find out what we were offering. But there was a snag. They didn’t want to attend a public event in case rumours spread that they would be relocating jobs.

So instead they contacted Charles, who put them in touch with us. We organised to meet them privately after the official event, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The moral of this story is that you need to think really carefully about how you judge success in your promotion activities. You might decide an event has been successful because 50 people turned up. Or you might think a promotional video has been a hit because it has been shared a lot.

But don’t forget that scale can be deceptive. Connecting with small numbers of the right people is much more valuable than connecting with large numbers of the wrong people (even though it might not feel that way when you are addressing a room with 5 people in it rather than 50!) And in the case of Callcredit, it was someone who wasn’t even in the room that turned out to be the most important person of all.

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