Relocation procedures for Belarusian companies to Lithuania

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For the past 30 years, Lithuania has been a welcoming host for Belarusians coming here for leisure, education and work. We want people from our closest neighbouring country, with whom we have so much in common, to be able to come here and have their business thrive.

For this, we have compiled this concise relocation guide for Belarusian companies. By following it, companies that meet certain investment criteria* will be able to relocate to Lithuania within 3 business days (in urgent cases), and set up business operations in less than 1 month. Reach out today if you need more information!

We hope you find it to be a valuable resource, and if you think there are other areas you would like us to cover, feel free to contact us.

The Russian version of this guide is available here:

русская версия

Relocation procedures for employees and their family members

  • 1. Contact Invest Lithuania for the initial support and assistance regarding your company relocation

    Invest Lithuania is the official agency for Foreign Direct Investment and Business Development. We’ll partner with you to get your business set up and off to the best start possible:

    • Helping you with decision-making during international expansion
    • Facilitating the overall relocation process for your team
    • Helping you with business establishment procedures by connecting you with relevant stakeholders to guarantee a soft landing
    • Once your business is up and running, we’ll continue being there for you, providing aftercare and support


    Get in touch:

    Auksė Rudzevičė
    Investment Advisor for Technology

  • 2. National (D) Visas for employees* and their family members

    The company planning to relocate its employees to Lithuania shall provide a list of employees and their family members containing the following information should be provided to Invest Lithuania:

    • Name and Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Passport Number
    • The officially registered name of the company

    Timeline: The Invitation Letter will be prepared within 1 working day after the list of employees with the required information has been received.

    *Citizens of Belarus, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea.

  • 3. Application form for National (D) Visa

    The employee and their family members, whose details have been provided in the Invitation Letter, will have to fill in an application form for the National (D) Visa.

    The following documents are required for D Visa Application, which can only take place at the Lithuanian Embassy:

    • Printed and Signed D Visa Application Form;
    • Travel insurance covering the full duration of the visa (181 days);
    • Bank statement proving that the employee has EUR 2,000 in their personal Bank account (EUR 2,000 for each adult and EUR 1,000 for each child), or company statement that the employee has received a stable monthly income of at least EUR 700 for the past 3 months.

    Note: The embassy recommends that applicants prepare company statements as they might be easier to obtain than personal bank statements. Each applicant needs to provide an Individual statement at the Embassy (not a single statement for all employees).

    • 1 passport format picture (color, physical format).

    Employees should pay the application fee at the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus. Payments are only accepted in cash and in euros. At the embassy, the applicant will have to provide all the above mentioned documents, together with their passport and fingerprints. Children younger than 12 do not have to submit their visa application in person, their parents or legal guardians can submit the application on their behalf.

    Timeline: In urgent cases, the Embassy will issue the visas within 1 or 1.5 days after the employees and their family members have submitted the required documents to the embassy.

  • 4. Arrival to Lithuania

    Once the National D Visas are issued, employees and their family members can enter Lithuania. The National D Visa allows an individual to stay in Lithuania for 6 months.

    Due to the current COVID-19 situation, residents from Belarus are required to self-isolate for:

    • 14 days after entering Lithuania or
    • 10 days if a negative COVID-19 test is received within 8 days after arrival.

    A negative COVID-19 test performed within 72 hours prior to arrival, has to be provided on the Lithuanian border.

    All persons, arriving to Lithuania by air or naval transport, are obligated to register with the National Public Health Center and show proof of registration; all persons, arriving to Lithuania by land, are obligated to register with the National Public Health Center within 12 hours of arrival.

    Before boarding a plane, ferry, bus, or train, the traveller will have to fill in a form on the website of the National Public Health Centre, and present the received confirmation (QR code) at the time of boarding.

    (Self-isolation requirements change every week depending on the virus spread in Belarus).

  • 5. Permit to leave place of isolation

    Highly skilled employees can be granted permission to leave their place of isolation during their 14 days of self-isolation on the grounds of performing business related activities. Please note that an official negative COVID-19 test must be provided in order for an individual to be eligible for such permits.

  • 6. Starting to work in Lithuania: obtaining a residence permit - EU Blue Card for highly skilled employees

    Once the legal entity of your company is established in Lithuania, your employees can apply for the EU Blue Card.

    Important information about the EU Blue Card:

    • The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit specifically designated for highly skilled non-EU citizens.
    • Applicants for the EU Blue Card can start working as soon as their application for the EU Blue Card has been submitted.
    • The application for the EU Blue Card should be physically submitted at the Migration Department
    • An EU Blue Card is valid for up to 3 years and can be extended for up to 3 years afterwards.
    • EU Blue Card holders have the ability to bring their family members.
    • EU Blue Card holders are eligible for permanent residence after 5 years.

    Main criteria for the EU Blue Card:

    • The employee possesses a higher education degree (they hold a diploma or have at least five years of professional experience equivalent to a higher education degree)
    • Their Salary is not less than 1.5X the average monthly gross salary in Lithuania (~2,000 Eur)
    • They have an employment contract is not shorter than 1 year

    Note: An EU Blue Card can also be issued to the Director of the company, but additional documents must be provided.

    Timeline: 15 days (fast track) or 1 month (standard).

    State fee: €240 (fast track) or €120 (standard).

    More information can be found here:

  • 7. Relocation

    We know relocation can be difficult for many reasons. To make it easier, city agencies (Go Vilnius, Kaunas In and Klaipėda ID) have appointed dedicated persons to consult newcomers on all relocation matters. You can reach out to them with all your questions regarding kindergartens / schools, housing, self-isolation upon arrival and any other aspect of life in Lithuania:

    In addition to having these dedicated consultants, the city agencies are also preparing induction workshops for relocating employees. The workshops will touch upon a number of topics, including opening a bank account, getting health insurance, receiving social support, registering a car, finding a place to live, and more. You can find more about the workshops by contacting the responsible person in the relevant city agency.

*According to the Law on Investment, as specified in Article 13 Paragraph 1 Item 6, foreign companies planning to invest in the Republic of Lithuania should meet the following criteria: creating jobs for at least 20 employees (both relocation and new hires) and maintaining them for at least three years. The average salary cannot be less than the average monthly salary of the municipality where the investment is made.


Information last updated on 18th September 2020

Why Lithuania?

Financial incentives to support your growth in Lithuania

Invest + | For the creation of new workplaces*

  • Cash Back benefit based on total employment costs for the first 36 months of business activity commencing from launch
  • 14-20% of salary costs for the first 2 years

Investor requirements

  • More than €10M annual revenue globally
  • More than 3yrs in operations globally
  • The applicant is not in financial difficulty

Project requirements             

  • To create at least 20 jobs in Lithuania within the next three years
  • 1x< average monthly salary in Lithuania

SMART FDI | For R&D and Innovation projects*

Investor requirements

  • Investor’s annual income (including group of companies) is not less than the amount of grant requested
  • Investor can prove that they have sufficient funds to carry out the project
  • Investor has not conducted any R&D activities in Lithuania before

Project requirements

  • Grant amount: up to €3M
  • Typical reimbursement: 50%
*Additional conditions and requirements may apply

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Ease of paying taxes

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Advantages of living in Lithuania

Job opportunities for your employees‘ spouses in Lithuania

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