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Lithuania: a strategic hub connecting North, East and West

Lithuania offers reliable and renewable energy infrastructure, dynamic talent, and a great cost-to-quality ratio – all of which combine to provide a fertile environment for growth. Add to that tech-friendly legislation and the existence of tax-free ones, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better location for your data center.

Reasons to choose Lithuania

1. Energy infrastructure

  • Reliable Energy

    energy reliability index of 330 kV networks
    Source: Litgrid
  • Reliable Grid

    most reliable grid in the Baltics and Nordics
    Source: ENTSO-E, Nordic and Baltic Grid Disturbance Statistics, 2018
  • Green Energy
    2nd globally

    in wind and solar generation as total share of electricity generation
    Source: IEA, 2019
  • Nord Pool
    Member of Nordpool

    Lithuania is part of Nordpool, Europe’s leading power market
  • Energy Transition
    1st in CEE

    in readiness for energy transition
    Source: World Economic Forum, Energy Transition Index, 2020
  • Environmentally Friendly
    5th globally

    for implementing Paris Climate Accords
    Source: Climate Change Performance Index, 2020
  • Green Certificates
    Green certificates

    available for each MW generated from renewable sources
  • Renewables Doubled
    Renewables doubled

    By 2025, Lithuania will have doubled its renewable energy output
    Source: National Energy Independence Strategy, 2018
Energy Infrastructure

2. Internet infrastructure

Internet Infrastructure
Internet Infrastructure

3. Talent pool

  • 93,000+
    working in the construction industry
    Source: Statistics Lithuania Q2, 2020
  • Engineers
    engineers in the market, with an additional ~5,000 entering the market annually
    Source: Invest Lithuania, 2019; Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, 2019
  • Speak English
    of young professionals speak English
    Source: Invest Lithuania estimations based on Population Census 2011, 2018
  • 1st globally
    for ease of hiring
    Source: Global Talent Competitiveness Ranking, 2019
  • Technical Skills
    5th globally
    in Digital and Technological skills
    Source: World Competitiveness Ranking, 2021
  • ICT Specialists
    ICT specialists employed, with another 10,560 enrolled in IT programs
    Source: Government Strategic Analysis Center, 2019; Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, 2020
  • Top-class design, engineering, and construction
    Enginnering Companies
  • Certifications awarded for best international practice

Kruonis: a prime location for data centers

Kruonis data center park

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