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Lithuania‘s tech ecosystem has matured over the last decade and currently shows an explicit capability to promote innovation across multiple sectors. Together with the well-developed Fintech sector, globally acknowledged IT players, local tech stars, and a rapidly growing community of high-end startups, GBS & ICT centres all play an important role how the ecosystem develops. The variety and complexion of technology solutions developed and performed at Lithuania-based GBS & ICT centres is continuously growing and evolving from usual customer support operations to the creation of advanced software products, cyber security solutions, and even AI algorithms.


Booming digital ecosystem at the forefront of emerging tech innovation

Digital Ecosystem in Lithuania
Digital Ecosystem in Lithuania

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Reasons to choose Lithuania

1. Talent Pool

  • Software Developers
    Software developers in the market
    Source: StackOverflow, 2020
  • 2,500
    new specialists injected into the market annually from specialized coding schools
    Source: Lithuania’s business services report 2021
  • Technical Skills
    1st globally
    for digital skills availability
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, IMD World Competitiveness Center, 2023
  • Female ICT Specialists
    2nd in the EU
    for employment of female ICT specialists
    Source: Eurostat, 2019 data
  • 2. GBS & ICT centres by functions provided

    70% of Lithuanian GBS centres perform IT functions. You’ll find a breakdown of the IT functions they perform above.

    Source: Invest Lithuania, Lithuania’s Business Services Report 2021

  • 3. Most popular programming languages in GBS & ICT centres

    Source: Invest Lithuania, Lithuania’s Business Services Report 2021

4. Reliable digital infrastructure

  • Cybersecurity Index
    6th globally
    for Global Cyber Security Index
    Source: e-Governance Academy Foundation, 2021
  • Fiber Optic Coverage
    globally for fiber coverage
    Source: OECD, 2019
  • Digital Public Services
    6th in EU
    for digital public services
    Source: Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2020, European Commission

5. Enhancing tech-savvy culture

  • Rockit Vilnius
    ROCKIT is the prime space in Lithuania where top fintech innovators, creators, and founders are building the future of Financial Technologies.
  • Tech Zity
    Tech Zity
    An ICT startup hub, uniting ecosystem players with a mutual goal – to shape the region’s startup ecosystem and grow together internationally.
  • Women Go Tech
    Women Go Tech
    The first mentorship and counselling programme in Lithuania for women seeking careers in the technology sector.
  • Ai Boost
    In 2019, Lithuania launched its National AI strategy and in 2020 it opened the AI BOOST platform to consolidate and strengthen the country’s AI ecosystem. The platform also provides a one-stop AI information source and meeting point for developers, the broader society, the government and other stakeholders.

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